About Us

Statistico aggregates complex and hard-to-find data to make statistical information more accessible and easier to understand.

Every day, around the globe, businesses and individuals rely on information to make choices that impact their lives, financial well-being, and future success.

What is the incidence rate of a particular disease in a given region?
How do patient outcomes vary between different healthcare providers?
What percentage of the population has received a specific vaccine?
What is the market penetration rate of a particular technology?
How many daily active users does a specific app have?
What's the average time spent on a website or app?
What is the carbon footprint of a specific industry?
How have global temperature averages changed over the years?
What percentage of waste is successfully recycled in a given area?
What is the literacy rate in a specific country or region?
What's the average class size in a particular school district?
How many students per teacher are there in different schools?
Real Estate
What is the average home price in a specific neighborhood?
How long does it typically take to sell a home in a given market?
What percentage of homes are owner-occupied versus rented?
What is the average basket size for an online retailer?
How many new customers were acquired during a sales event?
What's the sell-through rate of a particular product?
What is the average attendance for a specific sports event?
What's the win-loss record for a particular team in a season?
How many points per game does a player average?
What is the average commute time in a given city?
How many accidents occur on a specific road or intersection?
What is the on-time arrival rate for a specific airline?
What percentage of eligible voters participated in the last election?
What is the approval rating of a particular political leader?
How do opinions on a political issue vary by demographic?
What is the average credit score in a specific age group?
How do interest rates vary between different financial institutions?
What percentage of people invest in the stock market?
Each of these questions can provide crucial insights into their respective fields.

Personal Finance
What's the average household income in my neighborhood?
How do interest rates on personal loans vary among different banks?
What is the average annual rate of return for a 401 (k) or IRA?
Health and Wellness
What is the average lifespan for people with a specific medical condition?
How effective is a particular diet or exercise regimen for weight loss?
What is the average cost of a medical procedure without insurance?
What's the average SAT or ACT score for students admitted to a certain college?
How do graduation rates differ among local schools?
What percentage of people in my age group have a college degree?
Real Estate
What's the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in my city?
How have home values in my neighborhood changed over the last year?
What percentage of my income should go towards housing?
What's the average cost of a flight to a particular destination?
How safe are different modes of transportation based on accident rates?
What is the average daily expenditure for a tourist in a specific city?
How many hours does the average person spend on social media per day?
What percentage of households have access to high-speed internet?
What's the average lifespan of a specific type of smartphone?
What's the average salary for my job role in my geographical location?
How do job satisfaction levels vary among different industries?
What is the average time spent at a company before getting promoted?
What is the average duration of friendships in adulthood?
What percentage of long-distance relationships last?
How often do the average married couples have date nights?
Leisure and Hobbies
What's the average amount spent on hobbies per month?
How many hours do people typically spend watching TV or streaming services each week?
What percentage of people engage in a particular hobby or sport?
What's the average cost of car insurance for my age and location?
How many miles per gallon does the average car get?
What is the average lifespan of a car model I am interested in?

Statistico's mission is to provide individuals and organizations with clear, reliable, and user-friendly data, helping them make well-informed decisions and gain a better understanding of the world around them.

We are committed to offering easily understandable statistical data, allowing users to comprehend the bigger picture without being overwhelmed. Our goal is to be a dependable platform for discovering and analyzing quantitative information across various industries, markets, and demographics, promoting a practical, data-driven approach to problem-solving and decision-making.

We gather data from reliable and reputable sources, including government agencies, research institutions, and private organizations.
Users can browse or search for data on a wide range of subjects, such as market research, consumer behavior, demographics, economic indicators. The platform covers data from various countries and regions, making it a valuable resource for international and comparative analyses.

For information about our team and headquarters, please visit the contact page.