Geographic Properties

Total Area: 3.48 million mi²

Highest Feature: Puncak Jaya
Highest Elevation: 16020 feet
Highest Point Coordinates: 4.083°S, 137.2°E
Lowest Feature: Lake Eyre
Lowest Elevation: -49 feet
Lowest Point Coordinates: 28.37°S, 137.4°E


Population: 39.4 million people (2021 estimate, 0.5% of world population)
Population Density: 11.4 people/mi²

Cultural Properties

- English: Predominantly spoken in Australia, New Zealand, and several Pacific island nations
- Maori: Recognized as one of the official languages in New Zealand
- Fijian: Official language in Fiji
- Samoan: Widely spoken in Samoa and American Samoa
- Tongan: Official language in Tonga
- Tahitian: Recognized language in French Polynesia
note: There are numerous indigenous languages spoken across the region, reflecting a rich linguistic diversity

- Christianity: The dominant religion in the region, with various denominations being practiced
- Indigenous Beliefs: Many indigenous communities in Australia and the Pacific islands adhere to traditional beliefs and spirituality
- Hinduism: Practiced by a significant portion of the population in Fiji
- Buddhism: Present in communities in Australia and New Zealand
- Islam: Has a presence in the region, particularly in Australia and New Zealand

Capital Cities

- Australia, Canberra
- Fiji, Suva
- Kiribati, Tarawa
- Marshall Islands, Majuro
- Micronesia, Palikir, Nauru, Yaren District (de facto)
- New Zealand, Wellington
- Palau, Ngerulmud
- Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby
- Samoa, Apia
- Solomon Islands, Honiara
- Tonga, Nukuʻalofa
- Tuvalu, Funafuti
- Vanuatu, Port Vila

Economic Properties

Gross Domestic Product - GDP
- Total: $1.863 trillion per year
note: The data represents the combined economic output of the Australia and Oceania region

UN Human Development Index

- United Nations (Global): 0.728
- Australia (country): 0.939 (2015 estimate, world rank: 2nd)
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