Academy Awards: Nominations, by movie distributor
Movie distributorNumber of nominations
Apple Original Films13
Warner Bros9
Walt Disney5
Focus Features5
Orion Pictures / Amazon MGM Studios5
Miyu Distribution2
MTV Documentary Films2
The New Yorker2
Bleecker Street1
Disney +1
H264 Distribution1
Kino Lorber1
L.A. Times Studios1
National Geographic1
New York Times Op-Docs1
PBS Distribution1
Sony Pictures Classics1
Sony Pictures Releasing1
  • Region: United States
  • Time period: 2024
  • Published: Jan 2024

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Mar 27, 2024 | Published by: Statistico

Netflix leads in Academy Awards nominations

Netflix tops the list with a total of 18 nominations, showcasing its significant impact on the film industry and its success in attracting high-quality projects.

Top four distributors dominate nominations

Netflix, Apple Original Films, Searchlight, and Universal each secured over 10 nominations, with Apple Original Films, Searchlight, and Universal tied at 13 nominations each, highlighting the competitive landscape among major movie distributors.

A24 and Neon's notable presence

A24 and Neon both have a strong showing with 7 nominations each, indicating their significant roles in distributing critically acclaimed films despite being smaller than the industry's leading giants.

Diverse distribution of nominations among studios

Walt Disney, Focus Features, and Orion Pictures / Amazon MGM Studios each earned 5 nominations, reflecting the wide distribution of high-quality content across a variety of platforms.

Minor distributors secure nominations

Distributors like Miyu Distribution, MTV Documentary Films, and The New Yorker received 2 nominations each, demonstrating the opportunities for niche and independent films at the Academy Awards.

Single nomination achievements

Fifteen distributors, including Bleecker Street, Disney+, and Sony Pictures Classics, each received 1 nomination, showcasing the diversity of content recognized by the Academy.

Documentary and international film representation

The presence of categories like Documentary+ 1 and international distributors such as Miyu Distribution and H264 Distribution in the nominations list underscores the Academy's recognition of a wide range of storytelling forms and global cinema.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which platform has the most Academy Awards nominations?

Netflix has the most Academy Awards nominations with a total of 18 nominations.

How many nominations have the top four distributors secured?

The top four distributors - Netflix, Apple Original Films, Searchlight, and Universal - each have over 10 nominations.

Terms and Definitions

Also known as the Oscars, the Academy Awards is an annual event that honors outstanding achievement in the film industry. The recipients, chosen by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, are awarded a gold-plated trophy officially known as the 'Academy Award of Merit', but more commonly referred to as an 'Oscar'.

In the context of the Academy Awards, nominations are the films, actors, directors, and other members of the movie-making teams that have been selected by the Academy's voting membership as finalists for an Oscar in their respective categories.

A movie distributor is an individual or organization responsible for the marketing and distribution of a movie. This can include releasing a film to the public directly or selling the rights to a movie to foreign markets, home video companies, or streaming platforms.

The Film Industry refers to the technological and commercial institutions involved in the production, distribution, and exhibition of films. This can include film studios, filmmaking, film production companies, and movie theaters.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is an organization made up of over 8,000 distinguished members working in cinema. It is this Academy that host and awards the annual Academy Awards, choosing the nominees and winners in various categories.

Oscar categories refer to the different sections in which films, filmmakers, and actors can be nominated and receive awards. The categories can include but are not limited to Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, and various technical and artistic categories such as Best Cinematography or Best Original Score.

The voting membership of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is made up of film industry professionals. Each of the Academy's branches, specified by profession (such as acting, directing, and writing), nominates for their respective categories, with the entire membership voting for the final awards.

In the film industry, a release refers to the distribution of a movie to the public. This could be a theatrical release, where the film is shown in cinemas, or a home video or streaming release, where the film is made available for personal viewing.
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Academy Awards: Nominations, by film
Academy Awards: Nominations, by film
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