Charlotte Hornets: All-Time Scoring Leaders, by points
PlayerNo of points
Kemba Walker12,009
Dell Curry9,839
Gerald Wallace7,437
Larry Johnson7,405
Glen Rice5,651
Muggsy Bogues5,531
Raymond Felton5,311
Terry Rozier5,278
David Wesley5,241
Gerald Henderson4,701
  • Region: United States
  • Time period: 1988 to 2023
  • Published: Aug 2023

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Apr 7, 2024 | Published by: Statistico | About Us / Data / Analysis

Kemba Walker leads as the top scorer

Kemba Walker holds the title of the all-time leading scorer for the Charlotte Hornets, amassing a significant 12,009 points. This achievement sets him apart by a considerable margin, with 2,170 more points than the second-place scorer, Dell Curry, who has 9,839 points. Walker's impressive scoring record highlights his pivotal role in the team's history and offensive strategy.

Dell Curry's notable second place in scoring

Dell Curry, renowned for his sharpshooting, secures the second position on the Hornets' all-time scoring list with 9,839 points. Curry's contribution is markedly vital for the Hornets, establishing a strong foundation in the team's scoring legacy. His position underscores the significant gap between the top two scorers and the rest, demonstrating the impact of his performances throughout his tenure.

Gerald Wallace and Larry Johnson's close competition

Gerald Wallace and Larry Johnson are nearly neck-and-neck in the franchise's scoring ranks, with Wallace at 7,437 points and Johnson closely behind at 7,405 points, a mere 32 points difference. This slim margin illustrates the competitive nature of scoring within the team and highlights the consistent offensive contributions both players have made.

Terry Rozier's ascent in recent years

Terry Rozier has made a notable impact since joining the Hornets, accumulating 5,278 points and securing his place as the eighth-highest scorer in the team's history. Considering the data is current as of 2024, Rozier's position reflects his significant scoring ability and suggests a potential to climb higher in the ranks with continued performance.

The historical depth of scoring talent

The list of top ten scorers for the Charlotte Hornets showcases a diverse array of talent, ranging from point guards like Muggsy Bogues with 5,531 points to power forwards like Larry Johnson. This variety in positions among the top scorers illustrates the franchise's rich history of talent across all positions on the basketball court.

Milestones and gaps within the top scorers

Significant milestones and gaps are evident within the scoring data. For instance, Kemba Walker's leap over the 12,000-point mark sets him apart, while the 2,170-point gap between Walker and Dell Curry emphasizes the exceptional achievements of the franchise's leading scorers. These milestones not only mark individual excellence but also highlight the evolving offensive strategies of the Hornets over the years.

Comparative analysis of guard and forward scoring

Analyzing the positions of the top scorers, guards and forwards dominantly populate the list, with Kemba Walker (12,009 points) and Larry Johnson (7,405 points) exemplifying the scoring prowess of their respective positions. This distribution underscores the balanced offensive contributions from both the backcourt and the frontcourt, showcasing the multifaceted scoring approach adopted by the Hornets.

Impact of tenure on scoring rankings

The tenure of players with the Hornets significantly impacts their placement on the all-time scoring list. Long-serving players like Muggsy Bogues, despite not being prolific scorers, have accumulated enough points (5,531) to rank among the top ten due to their extended periods with the team. This insight highlights the importance of consistency and longevity in contributing to the franchise's history.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the all-time leading scorer for the Charlotte Hornets?

The all-time leading scorer for the Charlotte Hornets is Kemba Walker, with a remarkable total of 12,009 points.

Who holds the second position in scoring for the Hornets?

Dell Curry holds the second position in the Hornets' all-time scoring list, accumulating 9,839 points.

Terms and Definitions

Charlotte Hornets is a professional basketball team that is part of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The team's performance is evaluated based on wins, losses, and player statistics like points scored.

Career points in basketball refers to the total number of points a player has scored throughout their professional career in the league. Each successful shot made during a game contributes to a player's career points.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a professional basketball league in North America. It is considered the premier men's professional basketball league in the world.

A professional career in sports refers to the period during which an athlete competes in their sport at a professional level, such as in the NBA. This includes time with different teams.

Scoring in basketball is the act of earning points by throwing the basketball into the opposing team's basket. The amount of points received depends on the location from where the shot was made.
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