Minnesota Twins: All-Time Runs Scored Leaders, by number of runs
PlayerNumber of runs scored
Sam Rice1,466
Harmon Killebrew1,258
Joe Judge1,154
Kirby Puckett1,071
Buddy Myer1,037
Joe Mauer1,018
Clyde Milan1,004
Eddie Yost971
Mickey Vernon956
Rod Carew950
  • Region: United States
  • Time period: 1901 to 2024
  • Published: Jan 2024

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Mar 29, 2024 | Published by: Statistico

Sam Rice leads with a remarkable 1466 runs

Sam Rice tops the list with an impressive 1466 runs scored, setting a high benchmark for the Minnesota Twins. His achievement not only highlights his exceptional career but also establishes a significant gap between him and the next closest player.

Harmon Killebrew ranks second, trailing Rice by 208 runs

Harmon Killebrew, with 1258 runs scored, secures the second position among the Minnesota Twins all-time runs scored leaders, lagging behind Sam Rice by 208 runs. Killebrew's performance underscores the considerable distance between the top two scorers.

The top 10 players collectively scored 10,885 runs

Together, the top 10 players have cumulatively scored 10,885 runs, showcasing the substantial contributions made by these individuals to the team's history and success over the years.

Only three players have crossed the 1000-run milestone

A select group consisting of Sam Rice, Harmon Killebrew, and Joe Judge are the only players to have surpassed the 1000-run milestone, underlining their elite status and significant impact on the team's offensive capabilities.

Kirby Puckett ranks fourth with 1071 runs

Kirby Puckett stands at the fourth spot, having scored 1071 runs. Puckett's position reflects his vital role in the team's scoring prowess and his enduring legacy within the Twins' history.

Joe Mauer is the last to exceed 1000 runs, with 1018

Joe Mauer, with 1018 runs scored, is the final player on the list to exceed the 1000-run mark, highlighting the exclusivity of this achievement among the team's all-time greats.

The gap between first and last place is 516 runs

The difference in runs scored between Sam Rice, the leader, and Rod Carew, who ranks tenth, is 516 runs. This variance illustrates the broad range of contributions among the top 10 scorers.

Close competition in the lower ranks

Eddie Yost, Mickey Vernon, and Rod Carew, with 971, 956, and 950 runs scored respectively, demonstrate the close competition at the lower end of the top 10 list, with a narrow margin of just 21 runs separating the eighth and tenth positions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who scored the most runs according to the report?

Sam Rice topped the list with 1466 runs scored.

What is the total number of runs scored by the top 10 players?

The top 10 players together have scored 10,885 runs.

How many players have crossed the 1000-run milestone?

Only three players, Sam Rice, Harmon Killebrew, and Joe Judge have crossed the 1000-run milestone.

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The final base a player must touch to score a run in baseball. It is typically a flat slab of white rubber that is set at ground level.
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