Netflix: Most Expensive Films, by budget
Netflix movieBudget,
in million USD
The Gray Man (2022)200
Red Notice (2021)200
The Irishman (2019)160
6 Underground (2019150
Outlaw King (2018)120
Triple Frontier (2019)115
The Mitchells vs. The Machines (2021)110
Bright (2017)106
The Midnight Sky (2020)100
Army of the Dead (2021)90
  • Region: Worldwide
  • Time period: as of May 5, 2023
  • Published: May 2022

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Mar 27, 2024 | Published by: Statistico

Budget distribution among Netflix original long features

Two movies, The Gray Man (2022) and Red Notice (2021) , share the top spot as the most expensive Netflix original films, each with a budget of 200 million USD. They significantly outpace other productions, with the third most expensive, The Irishman (2019) , having a budget of 160 million USD. The least expensive film in the top ten list is Army of the Dead (2021) , with a budget of 90 million USD, indicating a wide range of investment levels in Netflix's original content creation.

Temporal trend in Netflix's budget allocation

Analysis of the budget allocation over time reveals a trend of increasing investment in original content. Both of the most expensive productions, The Gray Man (2022) and Red Notice (2021) , were released within the last three years, signaling Netflix's growing financial commitment to high-quality, blockbuster-style content. Conversely, older films such as Bright (2017) and Outlaw King (2018) , with budgets of 106 million USD and 120 million USD respectively, highlight a progressive scale-up in budget allocation for more recent projects.

Genre diversity among high-budget Netflix originals

Netflix demonstrates a wide range of genre diversity in its high-budget productions. Films like The Irishman (2019) , a historical crime film, and 6 Underground (2019) , an action thriller, alongside the animated The Mitchells vs. The Machines (2021) with a budget of 110 million USD, show Netflix's investment across multiple genres. This strategy likely aims to appeal to a broad audience spectrum, reinforcing the platform's appeal across diverse viewer preferences.

Comparison of top-tier budgets to lower-tier budgets

The budget difference between the highest and lowest funded films among the top ten Netflix originals is 110 million USD. Specifically, the gap between The Gray Man (2022) and Red Notice (2021) each at 200 million USD and Army of the Dead (2021) at 90 million USD illustrates the significant variance in financial investment Netflix is willing to commit to its original content, reflecting strategic choices based on expected returns and content demand.

Correlation between release years and budget allocation

A closer examination reveals no direct correlation between the release year and budget size for Netflix's original features. For instance, The Gray Man (2022) and Red Notice (2021) , the joint most expensive productions, are interspersed with less expensive projects like The Midnight Sky (2020) with a budget of 100 million USD. This distribution suggests that Netflix's budget allocation decisions are more closely tied to project-specific factors rather than a clear temporal trend of increasing or decreasing budgets over the years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most expensive Netflix original films?

The most expensive Netflix original films are The Gray Man (2022) and Red Notice (2021) , each with a budget of 200 million USD.

Is there a significant budget difference between the highest and lowest funded films in the top ten Netflix originals?

Yes, there is a budget difference of 110 million USD between the highest funded films, The Gray Man (2022) and Red Notice (2021) , and the least expensive in the top ten, Army of the Dead (2021) .

Terms and Definitions

An American content platform and production company. Originally focused on DVD sales and rental by mail, Netflix pivoted to streaming media and then to film and television production and online distribution.

In the context of filmmaking, a budget refers to the total amount of money allocated for the production of a movie. It comprises various costs such as salaries of cast and crew, production set costs, location costs, post-production costs and marketing and promotion costs.

Referring to films or movies that have required substantial budgets for their creation. These high costs can be due to factors such as high-profile talent, intricate visuals, elaborate sets, and expenses in post-production like marketing and distribution.

A method of receiving and delivering video and audio content continuously over the internet. Unlike traditional broadcast or cable television, streaming allows for viewing content real-time without needing to download the entire content first.

An entity that oversees the production of films, television programs, music videos or other types of entertainment content. It handles tasks ranging from script writing, securing financing, hiring staff, organizing schedules, to actual filming and post-production.

The process of making content, in this case video or movies, available to viewers over the internet. This can be through download, streaming services, or other online platforms, often in exchange for a subscription fee or pay-per-view charges.

The costs involved in finalizing a film after principal shooting has wrapped up. These can include editing, special effects, sound design, final color correction, and anything else required to bring the recorded material to a completed state.

Primary phase of production during which main or significant parts of the film or TV show are recorded. This includes scenes featuring actors, dialogues, and most of the action.

Expenses associated with creating awareness and increasing visibility for a movie. This can involve trailer production, press junkets, media advertisements, promotional events, digital marketing and any other form of publicity.
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