U.K.: Airline Passenger Complaint Rate, by airline
per million passengers
Wizz Air709
Tui Airways Ltd366
Air France / KLM281
Royal Brunei Airlines205
British Airways plc200
Thy Turkish Airlines176
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Time period: Q3 2023
  • Published: Jan 2024

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Mar 28, 2024 | Published by: Statistico

Wizz Air Leads in Passenger Complaints

Wizz Air experiences the highest number of complaints among airlines operating in the United Kingdom, with a significant 709 complaints per million passengers. This figure not only places Wizz Air at the top of the list but also highlights a potential area for service improvement efforts.

Lowest Complaint Rates for British and Turkish Airlines

British Airways plc and Thy Turkish Airlines demonstrate commendable customer satisfaction levels, recording the lowest complaint rates of 200 and 176 complaints per million passengers, respectively. These numbers reflect positively on their operational excellence and customer service quality.

Variation in Complaint Rates Among Leading Airlines

The difference in complaint rates between the airline with the highest complaints, Wizz Air, and the one with the lowest, Thy Turkish Airlines, is 533 complaints per million passengers. This significant variance indicates diverse customer experiences and operational efficiencies across the airlines.

European Airlines Dominate the Complaints List

European carriers such as Wizz Air, Ryanair, Tui Airways Ltd, EasyJet, and Air France / KLM dominate the list of airlines with the most complaints, showcasing a trend that might suggest specific regional challenges or operational issues that European airlines face in the UK market.

Comparative Analysis of Legacy and Low-Cost Carriers

Legacy airlines like British Airways plc and Air France / KLM show complaint rates (200 and 281 complaints per million passengers, respectively) that are significantly lower than those of low-cost carriers such as Wizz Air (709 complaints per million passengers). This comparison may reflect differing customer expectations and service standards between these types of airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which airline has the highest number of complaints in the UK?

Wizz Air has the highest number of complaints in the UK, with 709 complaints per million passengers.

Which airlines have the lowest complaint rates?

British Airways PLC and Thy Turkish Airline s have the lowest complaint rates with 200 and 176 complaints per million passengers, respectively.

Terms and Definitions

An airline refers to a company that offers services for air transport to both passengers and goods. Some airlines primarily provide passenger services while others are primarily logistics companies, moving cargo around the world.

A passenger, in terms of air travel, is any person aboard an aircraft who is not part of the flight crew or operational staff. Passengers pay a fare for their travel, often reserving specific seats and receiving services during the flight.

Complaint rate represents the number of complaints by customers per unit of customers served. It can be further related to the rate per thousand or hundred passengers, or more broadly, per period of time like per month or per year.

An airline passenger complaint refers to a formal dissatisfaction report made by a passenger regarding the services or experiences they had with a particular airline. This could relate to a range of issues, including flight delays or cancellations, lost luggage, poor customer service, or issues with ticket booking.

The airline complaint process involves a formal procedure that passengers must follow to report their dissatisfaction with an airline service. This often involves completing a complaint form or sending a letter or email to the airline or an overseeing authority. The process followed and timeframe for response can vary significantly between airlines and regions.

Airline rating or ranking is a system used to compare the performance of different airlines. Multiple factors are considered in these ratings, including but not limited to, on-time performance, service quality, flight cancellations, baggage handling and complaint handling.

Customer service refers to the assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services. In the context of airlines, it could include services such as ticket booking assistance, in-flight services, handling queries, concerns or complaints, and assistance with special requests.

A flight delay occurs when the takeoff of a flight is postponed from its scheduled departure time. Causes for flight delays may include bad weather, security risks, technical problems, or issues related to air traffic control. Delays can cause significant disruption and often lead to passenger complaints.

Flight cancellation refers to the circumstance where an airline does not operate a scheduled flight at all for a certain reason. Reasons can include but are not limited to weather conditions, mechanical issues with the aircraft, or insufficient bookings. When a flight is cancelled, airlines usually offer passengers an alternative flight or a refund, but this is often a common source of passenger complaints.
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