U.S.: Richest Individuals, by net worth
BillionairNet worth,
in billion USD
Elon Musk (Tesla Motors, SpaceX)180.0
Jeff Bezos (Amazon)114.0
Larry Ellison (Oracle)107.0
Warren Buffet (Berkshire Hathaway)106.0
Bill Gates (Microsoft)104.0
Michael Bloomberg (Bloomberg LP)94.5
Steve Ballmer (Microsoft)80.7
Larry Page (Google)79.2
Sergey Brin (Google)76.0
Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)64.4
Julia Koch and family (Koch Industries)59.0
Charles Koch (Koch Industries)59.0
Jim Walton (Walmart)58.8
Rob Walton (Walmart)57.6
Alice Walton (Walmart)56.7
Michael Dell (Dell computers)50.1
Phil Knight (Nike)45.1
John Mars (Mars)38.3
Jacqueline Mars (Mars)38.3
Ken Griffin (Hedge funds)35.0
  • Region: United States
  • Time period: 2023
  • Published: Jun 2023

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Apr 10, 2024 | Published by: Statistico | About Us | Data sources

Elon Musk leads with a net worth of 180 billion U.S. dollars

Elon Musk (Tesla Motors, SpaceX) tops the list, significantly ahead of Jeff Bezos (Amazon) with a net worth difference of 66 billion U.S. dollars. His ventures in technology and space exploration contribute to his substantial wealth.

Tech industry dominates the top wealth rankings

Tech entrepreneurs hold 7 out of the top 10 spots, highlighting the sector's immense contribution to individual wealth. This includes founders of Tesla, Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook.

Total combined net worth exceeds 1 trillion U.S. dollars

The collective net worth of the listed billionaires amounts to over 1 trillion U.S. dollars, showcasing the extensive financial influence of these individuals.

Walmart heirs collectively hold over 173 billion U.S. dollars

Jim Walton, Rob Walton, and Alice Walton from Walmart, with net worths of 58.8, 57.6, and 56.7 billion U.S. dollars respectively, illustrate the significant wealth within a single family.

Only two women feature independently in the list

Julia Koch and Jacqueline Mars are the only women who independently feature on the list, with each holding a net worth of 59 billion U.S. dollars and 38.3 billion U.S. dollars respectively, pointing towards a gender disparity in extreme wealth.

Smallest net worth still a staggering 35 billion U.S. dollars

Ken Griffin (Hedge funds) holds the position of the individual with the smallest net worth on the list, which is still a formidable 35 billion U.S. dollars, indicating the high threshold of wealth for entry.

Google founders' combined net worth is 155.2 billion U.S. dollars

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, with net worths of 79.2 and 76 billion U.S. dollars respectively, show the substantial financial success of Google's co-founders.

The Koch family's collective net worth amounts to 117 billion U.S. dollars

Julia Koch and Charles Koch, each with a net worth of 59 billion U.S. dollars, highlight the significant wealth accumulation within the Koch Industries' sphere.

Significant gap between the wealthiest and the rest

The net worth gap between Elon Musk at the top and Ken Griffin at the bottom is 145 billion U.S. dollars, underscoring the vast differences in wealth even among the richest Americans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is leading the list with the highest net worth?

Elon Musk tops the list with a net worth of 180 billion U.S. dollars.

How many tech entrepreneurs are in the top 10 of the list?

Tech entrepreneurs hold 7 out of the top 10 spots in the list.

What is the combined net worth of the listed billionaires?

The combined net worth of the listed billionaires exceeds 1 trillion U.S. dollars.

Terms and Definitions

Net worth is a measure of an individual's or corporation's financial health. It is calculated by subtracting total liabilities (what is owed) from total assets (what is owned). In context of the wealthiest people, net worth is generally made up of the value of tangible items such as property and automobiles, as well as intangible items like stocks, bonds, investments, and business ownership.

The Forbes 400 is an annual list compiled and published by Forbes magazine. It ranks the 400 wealthiest American residents based on their estimated net worth.

Self-made wealth refers to an individual's net worth which has been entirely earned through their own entrepreneurial efforts, business acumen, and savvy investment strategies rather than inherited from family members or gifted.

In contrast to self-made wealth, inherited wealth is money or property that is received from a relative or family member after their death. It is often acquired through wills and bequests.

Venture capitalism is a type of private equity and a form of financing that investors provide to startup companies and small businesses that they believe have long-term growth potential. Many of the richest individuals in the U.S. have earned significant portions of their wealth as venture capitalists.

Philanthropy is the act of promoting the welfare of others, typically through the donation of money, resources, or time to charitable causes. Many wealthy individuals pledge portions of their wealth to philanthropy, often establishing foundations to manage these efforts.

Income tax is a government levy (tax) imposed on individuals or entities (taxpayers) that varies with the income or profits (taxable income) of the taxpayer. Details vary widely by jurisdiction. Many controversies about wealth in America center around income tax rates and how they are applied to the highest earners.

A billionaire is a person who has a net worth of at least one billion units of a given currency, usually major currencies such as the United States dollar, the euro, or the pound sterling.

Equity ownership refers to the ownership interest of holders of common and preferred stock in a company. The wealthiest individuals often have significant equity ownership in large companies, which is a primary factor that contributes to their overall net worth.
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