Chicago White Sox: All-Time Runs Scored Leaders, by number of runs
PlayerNumber of runs scored
Frank Thomas1,327
Luke Appling1,319
Nellie Fox1,187
Paul Konerko1,141
Eddie Collins1,065
Minnie Minoso893
Luis Aparicio791
Harold Baines786
Ray Durham784
José Abreu697
  • Region: United States
  • Time period: 1901 to 2024
  • Published: Jan 2024

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Mar 28, 2024 | Published by: Statistico

Frank Thomas leads with 1327 runs scored

Frank Thomas tops the list of Chicago White Sox all-time runs scored leaders, with a remarkable 1327 runs scored. His performance sets a high benchmark for players, emphasizing his significant contribution to the team's scoring over the years.

Top five players contribute over 61% of the runs

The combined efforts of Frank Thomas, Luke Appling, Nellie Fox, Paul Konerko, and Eddie Collins account for 6,039 runs scored out of the total 9,868 runs listed, showcasing the critical role these top five players have played in the White Sox's offensive success.

Narrow margin separates top scorers

Only a slim 8 runs difference exists between Frank Thomas (1327 runs) and Luke Appling (1319 runs), highlighting the close competition among the team's all-time leading scorers.

Eddie Collins remains the only player with over 1000 runs not in the top three

Eddie Collins, with 1065 runs scored, is the only player to surpass the 1000 run milestone while not being among the top three scorers, underlining the historical depth of talent within the team.

José Abreu rounds out the top ten

José Abreu, with 697 runs scored, is the tenth-highest scorer, indicating the evolving landscape of the team's run-scoring leaders and the potential for new names to ascend the ranks in future seasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who leads in all-time runs scored for the Chicago White Sox?

Frank Thomas leads the all-time runs scored for the Chicago White Sox with 1327 runs scored.

What percentage of the total runs are contributed by the top five players?

The top five players contribute over 61% of the total runs, equating to 6,039 runs out of the total 9,868 runs.

What is the run difference between the top two all-time leading scorers?

The difference between the top two leading scorers, Frank Thomas and Luke Appling, is only 8 runs.

Who is the only player to score over 1000 runs but is not in the top three scorers?

Eddie Collins has scored 1065 runs, making him the only player to surpass 1000 runs without being in the top three scorers.

Terms and Definitions

A professional baseball team based in the United States. As a member of the American League Central Division in Major League Baseball (MLB), the White Sox has a long history, including multiple World Series Championships.

The term refers to players who have scored the highest number of runs in the history of a team or league. In this context, they are the players who have scored most runs for the Chicago White Sox throughout their career with the team.

The premier professional baseball organization in the United States and Canada, composed of the National League and the American League. It serves as the overarching sanctioning body for high-level competitive baseball in these countries.

One of six divisions in Major League Baseball. This division comprises five teams, one of which is the Chicago White Sox. It serves as a sub-category within the broader American League structure, with the leaders of each division participating in the post-season playoffs.
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