Cincinnati Reds: All-Time Runs Scored Leaders, by number of runs
PlayerNumber of runs scored
Pete Rose1,741
Bid McPhee1,684
Barry Larkin1,329
Joey Votto1,171
Johnny Bench1,091
Frank Robinson1,043
Dave Concepcion993
Vada Pinson978
Tony Perez936
Brandon Phillips877
John Reilly877
  • Region: United States
  • Time period: 1882 to 2024
  • Published: Jan 2024

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Mar 28, 2024 | Published by: Statistico

Pete Rose's Record-setting Runs

Pete Rose leads the Cincinnati Reds in all-time runs scored with a remarkable 1741 runs, setting a high benchmark for future generations. His record surpasses the second-place holder, Bid McPhee, by a significant margin of 57 runs, underscoring Rose's dominant performance on the field during his career.

Top Three Run Scorers and Their Historical Impact

The trio of Pete Rose, Bid McPhee, and Barry Larkin together have accumulated 4754 runs, highlighting their pivotal roles in the Cincinnati Reds' offensive strength over different eras. Their combined total accounts for a substantial portion of the team's historical scoring, with each player bringing unique skills and contributions to the team's success.

Joey Votto's Contribution to the Reds

Joey Votto, with 1171 runs scored, ranks fourth among the Reds' all-time leaders, showcasing his significant impact and consistency as a modern-era player. His achievements place him within an elite group, demonstrating the critical role he plays in the team's scoring capabilities.

Comparative Analysis of Team Legends

Johnny Bench and Frank Robinson, two legends of the game, have contributed 1091 and 1043 runs respectively. Their close totals reflect the competitive nature and high level of performance among the Reds' all-time greats, underlining the depth of talent that has been part of the team's storied history.

Significance of the 1000 Runs Milestone

Only six players in the team's history have scored over 1000 runs, a testament to the high level of skill and endurance required to reach such a milestone. This exclusive club includes players like Pete Rose, Bid McPhee, Barry Larkin, Joey Votto, Johnny Bench, and Frank Robinson, each of whom has left a lasting legacy on the Reds' franchise.

The Close Race for the Tenth Spot

Brandon Phillips and John Reilly are tied for the tenth position in the all-time runs scored list for the Cincinnati Reds, each with 877 runs. Their identical scores illustrate the competitive nature of the leaderboard and the fine margins that separate players' legacies in the franchise's record books.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who holds the record for the most runs scored in Cincinnati Reds' history?

Pete Rose holds the record with a total of 1741 runs, surpassing second-place holder Bid McPhee by 57 runs.

Terms and Definitions

The Cincinnati Reds is a professional baseball team based in the United States. They play in Major League Baseball, one of the top professional baseball leagues in the world. The Cincinnati Reds have a rich history dating back to the late 19th century, and have been home to many accomplished players.

Major League Baseball is the highest level of professional baseball in the United States and Canada. The league is made up of two conferences, the American League and the National League, each of which comprises 15 teams.

In baseball, an offensive player or a batter is a player who is currently at bat, attempting to hit the ball thrown by the pitcher with the purpose of reaching a base or helping another player to advance towards home plate.

Home Plate is one of four bases on a baseball field and is the final destination for a player who is attempting to score a run. If the player successfully reaches home plate without being put out, a run is scored.

In baseball, a pitcher is the player who throws the baseball from the pitcher's mound toward the catcher to begin each play, with the goal of retiring a batter.

A base in baseball refers to one of the four points that must be touched by a runner in order to score a run. The bases are arranged at the corners of a diamond, with home plate serving as one of the bases.
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