Italy: Abortions Distribution, by healthcare facility
Type of healthcare facilityShare of abortions,
in %
Public hospital90.20
Public out-patient care centre5.75
Private hospital3.75
Private out-patient care centre0.30
  • Region: Italy
  • Time period: 2022
  • Published: Feb 2024

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Apr 10, 2024 | Published by: Statistico | About Us / Data / Analysis

Dominance of Public Hospitals in Abortion Services

Public hospitals are the primary location for abortions in Italy, handling 90.20% of cases. This overwhelming majority underscores the critical role of public healthcare facilities in providing abortion services, significantly outpacing other types of healthcare facilities in terms of the volume of procedures conducted.

Minimal Role of Private Out-patient Care Centres

Private out-patient care centres account for only 0.30% of abortions, the smallest share among the reported healthcare facilities. The negligible percentage reflects the limited engagement or availability of these centres in offering abortion services compared to their public counterparts.

Comparative Analysis of Out-patient Care Centres

Public out-patient care centres conduct a notably higher proportion of abortions (5.75%) compared to private out-patient care centres (0.30%). The disparity highlights the significant difference in accessibility or preference between public and private outpatient services for abortion.

Private Hospitals’ Contribution to Abortion Services

Private hospitals contribute to 3.75% of abortions, positioning them as a secondary option for these services. While their share is considerably larger than that of private out-patient care centres, it remains substantially lower than that of public healthcare facilities, indicating a preference for public institutions for abortion services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are most abortions performed in Italy?

Most abortions in Italy are performed in public hospitals, which handle 90.20% of cases.

How does the abortion rate compare between public and private out-patient care centres?

Public out-patient care centres conduct a significantly higher proportion of abortions (5.75%) compared to private out-patient care centres (0.30%).

What is the contribution of private hospitals to abortion services?

Private hospitals account for 3.75% of abortions, marking them as a secondary option for these services.

Terms and Definitions

Also known as termination of pregnancy, abortion refers to the medical or surgical procedure used to end a pregnancy by removing the fetus or embryo from the womb before it is capable of surviving outside the uterus.

This refers to various institutions that provide medical services. These can include public hospitals, private hospitals, specialized clinics, and outpatient facilities. The type of facility can influence the accessibility and use of certain medical services, including abortion.

A publicly funded medical institution managed by the government. These institutions provide healthcare services either free of charge or at a reduced rate, and are generally accessible to all residents.

A privately owned and operated medical institution. These hospitals usually offer healthcare services at a higher cost compared to public hospitals, but may also provide additional or more specialized services.

A specialized clinic is a healthcare facility that focuses on a specific area of healthcare or caters to certain types of patients. They are usually staffed by specialists in their area of focus.

An outpatient facility is a healthcare establishment where procedures, surgeries, and other medical treatments are performed without the need for an overnight stay. Patients visiting these facilities return home the same day of their procedures.

A type of abortion carried out using medication rather than surgery. Typically, this involves taking two different drugs to terminate a pregnancy and is most effective within the first ten weeks of pregnancy.

A type of abortion performed by a medical professional using surgical methods. These procedures can be performed at different stages of pregnancy and often involve anesthesia.
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