Tobacco: Leading Companies, by net sales
CompanyNet sales,
in billion USD
British American Tobacco34.06
Philip Morris International31.81
Imperial Brands21.57
Altria Group20.63
Japan Tobacco20.23
  • Region: Worldwide
  • Time period: 2022
  • Published: Jun 2023

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Mar 28, 2024 | Published by: Statistico

British American Tobacco leads with net sales of $34.06 billion

British American Tobacco tops the global tobacco market in 2021 with net sales reaching $34.06 billion, positioning it as the industry leader.

Philip Morris International closely follows at $31.81 billion

Philip Morris International ranks second, with net sales amounting to $31.81 billion, closely trailing British American Tobacco.

Imperial Brands and Altria Group surpass $20 billion in net sales

Imperial Brands and Altria Group report net sales of $21.57 billion and $20.63 billion, respectively, both surpassing the $20 billion mark.

Japan Tobacco's net sales stand at $20.23 billion

Japan Tobacco holds a significant position with net sales of $20.23 billion, indicating its strong presence in the global market.

ITC reports the lowest net sales at $8.88 billion

ITC has the lowest net sales among the leading companies, with a figure of $8.88 billion, marking a substantial gap from its peers.

Top three companies collectively account for $87.54 billion in net sales

British American Tobacco, Philip Morris International, and Imperial Brands together accumulate net sales of $87.54 billion, showcasing the concentration of market power.

Gap between third and fourth highest net sales exceeds $1 billion

The net sales difference between Imperial Brands ($21.57 billion) and Altria Group ($20.63 billion) exceeds $1 billion, highlighting significant revenue disparities within the top companies.

Net sales of British American Tobacco and Philip Morris International combined exceed $65 billion

The combined net sales of British American Tobacco and Philip Morris International amount to over $65 billion, emphasizing the dominant market share of the top two companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which company leads the global tobacco market in 2021?

British American Tobacco leads with net sales of $34.06 billion.

Who comes second in the global tobacco market rankings?

Coming second is Philip Morris International with net sales at $31.81 billion.

Terms and Definitions

Tobacco companies are businesses that grow, produce, market, and distribute tobacco products. These products include cigarettes, smoking tobacco, smokeless tobacco, and others. The primary activity of these companies involves processing tobacco and manufacturing tobacco products.

In the context of businesses, income refers to the monetary amount that a company earns from conducting business activities, before any expenses are subtracted. This term is often used interchangeably with revenue or sales, although they have slight differences.

Net sales is the amount of a company's gross sales minus returns, allowances, and discounts. This indicator gives a more accurate picture of a company’s actual sales, as it takes into account any reductions in revenue due to returned products or price adjustments.

The global tobacco market refers to the worldwide marketplace for the sale and distribution of tobacco products across continents and countries. This term encompasses all activities related to the production, sale, and consumption of tobacco products globally.

Revenue, also known as gross income, is the total amount of money a company generates through its business activities, typically through the sale of goods and services to customers. It serves as a key indicator of a company’s financial health.

Gross sales are the total sales recognized for a specific period before any deductions such as sales returns and allowances, discounts, and taxes. It represents the top line or total income of a company from its core business operations.

Market share is the portion of a market controlled by a particular company or product. It is usually expressed as a percentage and calculated by dividing the company’s total sales by the industry's total sales over a specific period.

Tobacco products are items manufactured from tobacco leaves for use in smoking, inhaling, or chewing. These can include cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco, and snuff, among others. These products contain nicotine, a highly addictive substance.
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