Europe: Cigarette Prices, by country
CountryRetail price,
in EUR
U.K.United Kingdom10.26
Czech RepublicCzech Republic4.54
  • Region: Europe
  • Time period: 2022
  • Published: May 2022

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Mar 27, 2024 | Published by: Statistico

Retail Price Variation Across Europe

Ireland leads with the highest retail price for cigarettes, at 13.43 euros, which is nearly 5 times higher than the price in Bulgaria, the country with the lowest retail price at 2.77 euros.

Top Three Expensive Countries

Following Ireland, the United Kingdom and France have the second and third highest cigarette prices in Europe, with prices at 10.26 euros and 10.19 euros, respectively, showcasing the high cost of cigarettes in Western Europe.

Comparison of Neighboring Countries

Germany and Poland exhibit a notable disparity in cigarette prices with Germany's cigarettes priced at 6.18 euros, significantly higher than Poland's 3.22 euros, despite their geographic proximity.

Pricing Trends in Scandinavia

Scandinavian countries display a trend towards higher cigarette prices, with Finland leading at 8.60 euros, followed by Sweden at 6.10 euros, indicating a regional approach to pricing.

Eastern Europe Pricing

Eastern European countries generally offer lower cigarette prices, with Slovakia, Poland, and Bulgaria being among the countries with the lowest prices, all under 3.50 euros, reflecting economic and policy differences across Europe.

Luxembourg as a Mid-Range Anomaly

Luxembourg stands out with a relatively low price of 4.78 euros for cigarettes, unusual for a Western European country, suggesting unique tax or regulatory conditions.

Impact of Taxation and Policies

The wide range of prices, from Ireland's 13.43 euros to Bulgaria's 2.77 euros, underscores the significant impact of national taxation policies and regulations on retail cigarette prices across Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which European country has the highest retail price for cigarettes?

With a price of 13.43 euros, Ireland has the highest retail price for cigarettes in Europe.

Which countries have the second and third highest cigarette prices in Europe?

The United Kingdom and France have the second and third highest cigarette prices in Europe, at 10.26 euros and 10.19 euros respectively.

Which countries offer the lowest cigarette prices in Europe?

Eastern European countries like Slovakia, Poland, and Bulgaria offer the lowest prices, all being under 3.50 euros.

Terms and Definitions

This is the final cost at which a particular product is sold to the consumers in the marketplace, including all taxes, surcharges, and overhead costs associated with bringing the product to its sales location. Retail price is typically set by the retailer and not the manufacturer.

A tax imposed on certain goods and commodities produced or sold within a country, including cigarettes. The excise tax is often included in the price paid by the consumer and is directly linked to the retail price of the product.

A standard unit for measuring and selling cigarettes. It typically consists of 20 cigarettes. Retail prices are often listed per pack of cigarettes.

Guidelines and regulations established by governments and health agencies to reduce the health risks and environmental impact of tobacco use. These policies can have a significant effect on the retail price of cigarettes.

A consumption tax placed on a product whenever value is added at each stage of the supply chain, from production to the point of sale. VAT rates can vary from country to country and are included in the retail price of cigarettes.
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