U.S.: Leading Power Plants, by electricity generation
Power plantElectricity generation,
in TWh
Palo Verde31.94
Browns Ferry29.33
Peach Bottom22.18
South Texas Project21.92
Grand Coulee21.18
James H. Miller Jr.21.07
Turkey Point20.93
Braidwood Generation Station20.16
Telen Energy Susquehana20.07
  • Region: United States
  • Time period: 2022
  • Published: Oct 2023

Data Analysis and Insights

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Palo Verde Leads in Electricity Generation

Palo Verde in Arizona tops the list with an impressive electricity generation of 31.94 terawatt hours. This number signifies its vital role in energy production, surpassing the second-highest generator, Browns Ferry in Alabama, by more than 2.61 terawatt hours.

Nuclear Power Dominates the Top Spots

Nuclear energy plants, including Palo Verde, Browns Ferry, and Peach Bottom, dominate the list of top electricity producers. Together, these three plants have generated a total of 83.45 terawatt hours, highlighting nuclear power's significant contribution to the U.S. electricity supply.

Alabama's Prominent Electricity Production

Alabama hosts two of the leading power plants: Browns Ferry and James H. Miller Jr., with a combined electricity generation of 50.4 terawatt hours. This places Alabama as a key state in terms of high-capacity power generation facilities.

Consistent Production Above 20 Terawatt Hours

Eight of the top ten power plants each produced over 20 terawatt hours of electricity. This consistency underscores the substantial and steady contribution of these plants to the national grid, ensuring a reliable energy supply.

Peach Bottom and Susquehanna Showcase Pennsylvania's Capacity

Pennsylvania's Peach Bottom and Telen Energy Susquehanna power plants together account for 42.25 terawatt hours of electricity generation. This highlights the state's pivotal role in supporting the electricity demands of the region.

The Singular Representation of Renewable Energy

Grand Coulee in Washington, generating 21.18 terawatt hours, is the only plant on the list that is not nuclear or fossil-fueled. This underscores the potential and current limitations of renewable energy sources in matching the output of traditional and nuclear energy plants at the top of the production scale.

Narrow Margins Between Competing Plants

The electricity generation gap between the top producer, Palo Verde, and the tenth, Telen Energy Susquehanna, is only 11.87 terawatt hours. Such narrow margins indicate a competitive field among the leading power plants in the U.S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which power station tops the list in electricity generation?

Palo Verde in Arizona tops the list with an electricity generation of 31.94 terawatt hours.

How much electricity have the top nuclear energy plants generated together?

The top nuclear energy plants, including Palo Verde, Browns Ferry, and Peach Bottom, have generated a total of 83.45 terawatt hours together.

Terms and Definitions

A power plant, also referred to as a power station, is an industrial facility where electrical power is generated. Power plants often contain one or more generators that convert mechanical power into electrical power.

Electricity generation refers to the process of creating electrical energy from various primary energy sources. The process typically involves converting some type of fuel into electricity. The methodologies range and can involve fossil fuels, renewable energy sources, and nuclear power.

Nuclear energy is a type of energy produced by splitting atomic nuclei - a process known as fission - or by merging atomic nuclei - a process known as fusion. Nuclear power plants use nuclear fission to generate electricity.

A megawatt (MW) is a unit of power used in the electricity industry. In terms of power grid capacity, it is used to describe the amount of electricity a power plant can produce or the amount of electricity consumption an area or device requires.
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