U.S.: LNG Export Prices, by month
in USD per thousand cubic feet
Nov 20237.51
Oct 20237.08
Sep 20236.57
Aug 20236.45
Jul 20236.62
Jun 20237.37
May 20237.33
Apr 20236.83
Mar 20237.97
Feb 20239.36
Jan 202311.24
Dec 202212.67
Nov 202211.68
Oct 202214.32
Sep 202216.72
Aug 202215.45
Jul 202212.76
Jun 202214.37
May 202212.33
Apr 202210.33
Mar 20229.15
Feb 202210.17
Jan 20228.56
Dec 20219.62
Nov 202110.24
  • Region: United States
  • Time period: Nov 2021 to Nov 2023
  • Published: Jan 2024

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Mar 28, 2024 | Published by: Statistico

Trend of Decreasing Prices

LNG export prices in the U.S. experienced a significant decrease over the period covered, with the peak price of $16.72 per thousand cubic feet in September 2022 and the lowest recorded price of $6.45 per thousand cubic feet in August 2023. This delineates a downward trend in prices, highlighting a substantial reduction of over 60% within a year.

Monthly Fluctuations

The data reveals monthly fluctuations in LNG export prices, with notable increases and decreases throughout the period. For instance, prices surged from $10.24 in November 2021 to $14.32 in October 2022, followed by a stark decline to $7.08 in October 2023. These shifts underscore the volatility in the LNG market over the two-year span.

Year-over-Year Analysis

Comparing year-over-year prices for November, a marked decrease is observed from $11.68 per thousand cubic feet in November 2022 to $7.51 in November 2023. This year-over-year analysis indicates a 35.6% decrease, highlighting the downward price trend for LNG exports in the U.S.

Highest and Lowest Price Points

The highest price was recorded in September 2022 at $16.72 per thousand cubic feet, whereas the lowest price was noted in August 2023 at $6.45. These points represent the extremes in the data set, emphasizing the broad range of prices that LNG exports can command within a relatively short timeframe.

Seasonal Price Patterns

Analyzing seasonal patterns, prices tended to be higher during the colder months, with the highest prices observed from September 2022 to February 2023. Conversely, the warmer months from April to August 2023 saw some of the lowest prices. This suggests a potential seasonal impact on LNG export prices, with demand possibly driving prices up during colder periods.

Price Recovery Signs

Despite the overall downward trend, the last few months of the dataset show signs of a price recovery, with an increase from $6.45 in August 2023 to $7.51 in November 2023. This recovery, albeit modest, indicates a potential stabilization or upward trend beginning to emerge after a period of significant declines.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did the LNG export prices in the U.S. change over time?

LNG export prices in the U.S. saw a significant decrease over a year, going from a peak of $16.72 per thousand cubic feet in September 2022 to a low of $6.45 per thousand cubic feet in August 2023, indicating a reduction of over 60%.

What were the highest and lowest price points for LNG exports?

The highest price was $16.72 per thousand cubic feet in September 2022, while the lowest was $6.45 in August 2023, indicating a wide range of price fluctuations within a short period.

Terms and Definitions

LNG, or Liquefied Natural Gas, is natural gas that has been cooled to a liquid state at around -260 degrees Fahrenheit for storage and transportation. It’s primarily composed of methane along with other hydrocarbons. It’s used as a fuel source around the world.

In the context of trade, export refers to the selling of goods or services produced in one country to another country. For the sake of this article, LNG exported from the U.S. means that U.S. produced LNG is being sold and transported to another country.

This term refers to the costs at which LNG is sold to foreign countries from a particular region- in this case, the U.S. It is often determined by various factors including production costs, shipment costs, and international market demand.

This term refers to the price of a commodity for immediate delivery or selling. In the LNG market, spot market prices are relevant for immediate decisions on buying or selling LNG, unlike long-term contracts which are set for extended time periods.
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