eSports: Major Tournaments, by prize pool
TournamentPrize pool,
in million USD
Riyadh Masters Dota 215.00
Honor of Kings International Championship10.00
FNCS Global Championship4.00
The International3.30
Six Invitational3.00
PUBG Mobile World Invitational3.00
PUBG Mobile Global Championship3.00
Honor of Kings King Pro League Summer and Spring2.59
Peacekeeper Elite League Spring2.46
Call of Duty League : Playoffs2.38
VALORANT Champions2.25
  • Region: Worldwide
  • Time period: 2023
  • Published: Jan 2024

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Apr 13, 2024 | Published by: Statistico | About Us / Data / Analysis

Top eSports Tournament by Prize Pool

The Riyadh Masters 2023 Dota 2 tournament leads with the highest prize pool, offering 15.00 million USD. It surpasses the Honor of Kings International Championship 2023 by a significant 5 million USD.

Mobile Gaming Tournaments' Prize Pools

Mobile gaming has solidified its position in the eSports arena, with tournaments like the Honor of Kings International Championship 2023 and PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2023, each featuring prize pools of 10 million USD and 3 million USD, respectively.

Prize Pool Diversity Across Titles

The diversity in eSports is highlighted by the variety of games represented. From Dota 2 and Honor of Kings to VALORANT and Call of Duty, prize pools range from 15.00 million USD to 2.25 million USD.

Comparison of Prize Pools

The difference between the highest (15.00 million USD for Riyadh Masters 2023 Dota 2) and the lowest (2.25 million USD for VALORANT Champions 2023) prize pool amounts to 12.75 million USD, illustrating the vast financial disparities in the eSports industry.

Representation of Game Genres

Multi-genre representation is evident, with strategy games (Dota 2), battle royale (PUBG Mobile), MOBA (Honor of Kings), and first-person shooters (VALORANT) all offering significant prize pools.

The International's Prize Pool

Once known for having the largest prize pools, The International 2023 now ranks fourth, with a prize pool of 3.30 million USD, demonstrating the dynamic nature of eSports competition and financing.

Year-over-Year Growth Indicators

The data serves as a snapshot of the evolving eSports economy, indicating potential year-over-year growth in prize pools, with Riyadh Masters 2023 setting a new high at 15.00 million USD.

Geographical Diversity in Tournaments

The global nature of eSports is showcased through tournaments held worldwide, from Riyadh to international competitions for Honor of Kings, reflecting the international appeal and reach of eSports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which eSports tournament has the largest prize pool?

The Riyadh Masters 2023 Dota 2 has the largest prize pool, offering 15.00 million USD.

What is the range of prize pools across different eSports titles?

The prize pools across various eSports titles range from 15.00 million USD to 2.25 million USD.

What is the notable trend in the eSports economy?

There is a potential year-over-year growth as signified by Riyadh Masters 2023 setting a new high at 15.00 million USD.

What does the international spread of esports tournaments indicate?

The spread of esports tournaments worldwide indicate the international appeal and reach of eSports.

Terms and Definitions

eSports refers to competitive video gaming where individuals or teams play against each other, often in professional leagues or tournaments. Gamers may participate in a variety of games, from team-based combat games to real-time strategy games.

Major Tournaments refers to large-scale eSports events that typically involve a large number of players or teams from around the world. These tournaments offer substantial prizes and high levels of competition, attracting top-tier players and teams.

The Prize Pool is the total amount of money that is awarded to the competitors in an eSports tournament. These funds are typically split among the top finishers, with the largest share going to the first-place winner.

Professional Leagues are formal, structured eSports competitions, often organized by game developers or eSports organizations. They involve regular season matches, playoffs, and championships, just like traditional sports leagues.

Real-Time Strategy (RTS) Games are a sub-genre of strategy video games that do not progress in turns. In these games, players must manage resources and build structures to create units or complete objectives while simultaneously dealing with their opponent's actions.

Team-Based Combat Games are a type of video game where players work together as a team to combat an opposing team. These games often require significant communication and coordination among team members.

Game Developers are companies or individuals who design and create video games. In terms of eSports, they are often involved in sponsoring tournaments and overseeing the professional leagues for their games.

eSports Organizations are groups or firms that manage teams of players, organize tournaments, coordinate with game developers, and promote eSports both locally and globally.

Top-Tier Players and Teams refer to the best and most successful competitors in the eSports scene. These players and teams regularly participate in major tournaments and are often associated with professional eSports organizations.
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