Europe: eSports Prize Earnings, by country
CountryPrize money,
in million USD
U.K.United Kingdom5.71
  • Region: Europe
  • Time period: 2023
  • Published: Mar 2024

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Mar 27, 2024 | Published by: Statistico

Russia leads in eSports earnings

Russia stands out as the top earning country in Europe's eSports scene, with prize winnings amounting to 14.58 million USD. This figure not only positions Russia at the forefront but also illustrates the significant gap between it and other countries, emphasizing Russia's dominance in the competitive gaming industry within Europe.

France and Denmark in close competition

France and Denmark are in a tight race for second place, with France securing 7.12 million USD in prize money, closely followed by Denmark at 5.91 million USD. The close earnings between these two countries highlight a competitive rivalry and showcase their significant contributions to Europe's eSports economy.

Top five countries dominate European eSports earnings

The combined prize money of the top five countries—Russia, France, Denmark, the U.K., and Ukraine—totals approximately 38.13 million USD. This amount represents a substantial portion of Europe's eSports prize pool, indicating the concentration of talent and success within these nations.

Narrow margins among middle-ranking countries

Sweden, Germany, and Poland exhibit closely contested earnings with only 0.09 million USD separating Sweden (4.77 million USD) from Poland (4.68 million USD). This small margin underlines the intense competition among middle-ranking countries in the European eSports landscape.

Turkey and the Netherlands round out the top ten

Turkey and the Netherlands, with earnings of 2.62 million USD and 2.51 million USD respectively, complete the list of the top ten highest earning countries in European eSports. Their presence emphasizes the diversity of countries contributing to the European eSports scene and the potential for growth and increased competition in the future.

Significant disparity in earnings across Europe

The gap between the highest earning country, Russia, and the tenth, the Netherlands, stands at 12.07 million USD. This disparity highlights the uneven distribution of eSports success and prize money across Europe, pointing to varying levels of infrastructure, talent development, and investment in the competitive gaming sectors of different countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which country is the leading earner in Europe's eSports scene?

Russia leads the European eSports scene with earnings amounting to 14.58 million USD.

Which two countries are in a close race for second place?

France and Denmark are in a tight competition, with France earning 7.12 million USD and Denmark earning 5.91 million USD in prize money.

How much do the top five countries contribute to Europe's eSports prize pool?

The combined prize money of the top five countries—Russia, France, Denmark, the U.K., and Ukraine— totals approximately 38.13 million USD.

What is the earnings gap between the top and the tenth-ranking country in European eSports?

The earnings gap between the top earner, Russia, and the tenth, the Netherlands, is 12.07 million USD.

Terms and Definitions

eSports, short for electronic sports, is a form of competition that revolves around video games. It often takes the form of multi-player competitions between professional players. eSports can be categorized by gaming genre, such as real-time strategy, fighting, first-person shooter (FPS), and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA).

Prize earnings refer to the amount of money that players or teams receive as a reward for winning or placing highly in eSports competitions. These can vary significantly based on the prestige of the competition, the commercial sponsorship, and the number of participants.

eSports players are individuals who play video games at a professional level. They often belong to organized teams and participate in regional, national, or international competitions.

eSports teams are groups of professional gamers who represent a specific organization or brand in eSports competitions. These teams often have coaches, support staff and a fan base.

eSports competitions are organized events where eSports players or teams compete against each other in specific video games. They can be held online or in-person, attracting hundreds to millions of viewers.

Sponsorship in eSports involves a business or individual providing financial support to a player or team, in return for advertising opportunities. This can significantly increase the prize earnings in eSports tournaments.

Live-streaming platforms are online services that broadcast real-time video content. In eSports, these platforms allow viewers from around the world to watch competitions remotely.
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