eSports: Highest-Winning Pro Teams, by total prize money
eSports teamTotal prize money won,
in million USD
Team Liquid (Europe)48.58
OG (Europe)38.11
Team Spirit (Russia)29.55
Evil Geniuses (U.S.)28.55
Natus Vincere (Ukraine)21.17
Team Secret (Europe)20.34
Fnatic (U.K.)20.27 (Russia)19.86
FaZe Clan (U.S.)19.37
Paris Saint-Germain Esports (France)19.22
  • Region: Worldwide
  • Time period: as of Mar 2024
  • Published: Mar 2024

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Mar 27, 2024 | Published by: Statistico

Team Liquid leads in prize money with a notable $48.58 million

Team Liquid, representing Europe, stands out as the highest-earning professional eSports team worldwide by 2024, having amassed prize money of $48.58 million. This achievement underscores the team's dominance in the competitive eSports landscape.

European teams dominate the top earnings list

European teams, including Team Liquid, OG, and Team Secret, prominently feature among the top earners, collectively securing over $107 million in prize money. Their success highlights Europe's significant influence in the global eSports scene.

OG and Team Spirit showcase impressive winnings above $29 million

OG and Team Spirit, with prize winnings of $38.11 million and $29.55 million respectively, rank closely behind Team Liquid, indicating competitive prowess and consistent performance in tournaments.

North American teams Evil Geniuses and FaZe Clan mark their territory with over $19 million

Representing the United States, Evil Geniuses and FaZe Clan have proven their mettle by securing total prize money of $28.55 million and $19.37 million respectively, showcasing North America's competitive spirit in eSports.

Natus Vincere leads among Ukrainian teams with $21.17 million

Natus Vincere, hailing from Ukraine, distinguishes itself with a total prize earning of $21.17 million, marking it as the leading Ukrainian team in the realm of professional eSports.

The smallest gap in prize money occurs between Fnatic and

A tight competition is observed between Fnatic (U.K.) and (Russia) with prize money standing at $20.27 million and $19.86 million respectively. The minimal gap of just $0.41 million highlights the fierce rivalry and closely matched skill levels of these teams.

Paris Saint-Germain Esports edges into the top 10 with $19.22 million

Paris Saint-Germain Esports, representing France, secures its position among the top 10 highest-winning pro eSports teams by 2024, with total prize money of $19.22 million, emphasizing the diversity and global spread of competitive eSports excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which eSports team leads in prize money by 2024?

Team Liquid leads with a prize money of $48.58 million.

Which teams are the top earners from Europe?

Team Liquid, OG, and Team Secret are top earners, securing over $107 million in prize money.

Which teams show impressive winnings above $29 million?

OG and Team Spirit showcase impressive winnings of $38.11 million and $29.55 million respectively.

How much prize money did North American teams Evil Geniuses and FaZe Clan secure?

Evil Geniuses and FaZe Clan secured prize money of $28.55 million and $19.37 million respectively.

Terms and Definitions

Short for 'electronic sports', eSports refers to the world of competitive, organized video gaming. Teams or individuals play against each other in various games, often in professional leagues or tournaments. This can include various game genres, from online card games to multiplayer arena battles.

Short for 'professional teams', this term refers to groups of individuals who participate in eSports at a professional level. These teams are often formed by gaming organizations and their players are sponsored and receive regular salaries.

This refers to the cash rewards that are given to the winners or high-ranking participants of eSports competitions. The amount of prize money can vary greatly depending on the size and prestige of the tournament.

A tournament is a structured competition where players or teams compete against each other in a particular game. Tournaments are typically staged events with multiple rounds, ending in a final match to determine the overall winner.

A league is a group of eSports teams that play a fixed schedule of games against each other. These may be organized by geographical region or game title, and often conclude with a championship tournament.

These are professional organizations that sponsor and manage eSports teams. They provide financial support, training conditions, equipment, and sometimes living accommodations for their players.

Sponsorship refers to the financial support provided by a company or individual to an eSports team or player. In exchange, the team or player promotes the sponsor's brand during the game and in media appearances.

This refers to the category or type of game being played. In eSports, this can range from first-person shooters (FPS), multiplayer online battle arena games (MOBA), real-time strategy games (RTS), and many more.

MOBA is a sub-genre of strategy video games where two teams of players compete against each other on a defined map. The objective is usually to destroy the other team's main structure with the help of periodically spawned computer-controlled units marching towards the enemy's base.
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