Facebook: Monthly Active Users, by quarter
YearNumber of users,
in millions
Q4 20233,065
Q3 20233,049
Q2 20233,030
Q1 20232,989
Q4 20222,963
Q3 20222,958
Q2 20222,934
Q1 20222,936
Q4 20212,912
Q3 20212,910
Q2 20212,895
Q1 20212,853
Q4 20202,797
Q3 20202,740
Q2 20202,701
Q1 20202,603
Q4 20192,498
Q3 20192,449
Q2 20192,414
Q1 20192,375
Q4 20182,320
Q3 20182,271
Q2 20182,234
Q1 20182,196
Q4 20172,129
Q3 20172,072
Q2 20172,006
Q1 20171,936
Q4 20161,860
Q3 20161,788
Q2 20161,712
Q1 20161,654
Q4 20151,591
Q3 20151,545
Q2 20151,490
Q1 20151,441
Q4 20141,393
Q3 20141,350
Q2 20141,317
Q1 20141,276
Q4 20131,228
Q3 20131,189
Q2 20131,155
Q1 20131,110
Q4 20121,056
Q3 20121,007
Q2 2012955
Q1 2012901
Q4 2011845
Q3 2011800
Q2 2011739
Q1 2011680
Q4 2010608
Q3 2010550
Q2 2010482
Q1 2010431
Q4 2009360
Q3 2009305
Q2 2009242
Q1 2009197
Q3 2008100
  • Region: Worldwide
  • Time period: Q3 2008 to Q4 2023
  • Published: Feb 2024

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Mar 27, 2024 | Published by: Statistico

Growth in Monthly Active Users (MAU) from Q1 2009 to Q4 2023

Facebook's MAU increased from 197 million in Q1 2009 to 3065 million in Q4 2023, demonstrating a substantial user base expansion over 14 years.

Average Annual User Growth Rate

The average annual growth rate of Facebook's MAU since Q1 2009 exceeds 20%, highlighting consistent user engagement and platform growth.

Significant Milestones in User Growth

Facebook reached the 1 billion MAU milestone between Q3 2012 and Q1 2013, showcasing rapid user acquisition within its first decade.

Steady Growth in Recent Years

Between Q1 2020 and Q4 2023, Facebook's MAU increased by 462 million, indicating sustained interest and engagement on the platform.

Acceleration in User Growth Post-2010

The data reveals a significant acceleration in user growth post-2010, with Facebook adding over 600 million users in approximately three years, from Q1 2010 to Q1 2013.

Consistent Quarterly Growth

Facebook has shown consistent quarterly growth, with MAU increasing every quarter without decline, underlining the platform's enduring appeal and user retention capabilities.

Year-over-Year Growth Comparison

Comparing year-over-year growth, the increase from Q4 2019 to Q4 2020 was one of the most significant, with Facebook adding 299 million MAU, reflecting the platform's capacity to attract a large number of new users annually.

Deceleration in Growth Rate

Although Facebook continues to grow, the rate of MAU increase has shown signs of deceleration, with the recent quarterly increases being smaller compared to the platform's early years, indicating a maturing user base.

Impact of Digital Expansion

The exponential growth of Facebook's MAU from 2009 onwards aligns with the global digital expansion, suggesting that internet accessibility and digital literacy contribute significantly to Facebook's user base growth.

Milestone of 3 Billion MAU

Facebook surpassed the 3 billion MAU mark between Q1 and Q2 2023, cementing its position as the most widely used social media platform globally.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the growth in Facebook's Monthly Active Users (MAU) from 2009 to 2023?

Facebook's MAU increased from 197 million in Q1 2009 to a whopping 3065 million in Q4 2023.

What was the average annual user growth rate for Facebook since 2009?

Facebook's average annual user growth rate since 2009 has been more than 20%.

What are some significant milestones in Facebook's user growth?

Some major milestones include reaching 1 billion MAU between Q3 2012 and Q1 2013, and surpassing 3 billion MAU between Q1 and Q2 2023.

Terms and Definitions

Facebook is a popular social networking service where users can post texts, images, multimedia and more to their profile, and interact with others through shares, comments, and likes. It was created by Mark Zuckerberg along with several of his college roommates.

Worldwide Monthly Active Users (MAU) is a key performance indicator for social media and online platforms. It refers to the number of unique users who have interacted with a platform (like Facebook) at least once within a 30-day period. Worldwide MAU considers the users across the entire globe.

Quarterly analysis refers to the assessment of a company's performance, trends, growth, and strategic developments on a quarterly basis. In terms of social media platforms like Facebook, this includes analyzing elements such as user engagement, advertising revenue, and changes in user demographics within a three-month period.

Unique users is a count of individual users who have visited or interacted with a website or app during a specified time period, regardless of how often they return. Each user is only counted once, making this a measure of reach or audience size.

User engagement is a measure of an individual's active interaction and involvement with a platform in a given period. Engagement includes activities like liking a post, commenting, sharing content, or clicking on links, and is a key indicator of a platform's effectiveness and popularity.

User demographics refers to the specific characteristics of a platform's user base, such as their age, gender, location, education level, income, and more. Understanding user demographics helps a platform like Facebook develop targeted marketing strategies and improve user experience.
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