Social Networks: Ranking, by number of users
Social networkNumber of active users,
in millions
Facebook Messenger979
Sina Weibo605
  • Region: Worldwide
  • Time period: Jan 2024
  • Published: Jan 2024

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Mar 28, 2024 | Published by: Statistico

Facebook leads with the highest user base

Facebook dominates the global social network scene with a staggering 3049 million active users, outperforming its closest competitor, YouTube, by 558 million users.

Messaging apps are essential platforms

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, with 2000 million and 979 million active users respectively, highlight the critical role of messaging platforms in global digital communication.

Instagram and TikTok showcase rapid growth in visual content sharing

Instagram and TikTok, boasting 2000 million and 1562 million active users respectively, underscore the surging popularity of platforms centered around photo and video sharing.

Chinese platforms maintain significant global presence

WeChat and Douyin, with 1336 million and 752 million active users respectively, illustrate the strong global influence of Chinese social media platforms.

Emerging platforms showing substantial user engagement

TikTok, with 1562 million users, and Snapchat, with 750 million users, demonstrate the dynamic nature of the social media landscape with their substantial user bases.

Diverse platforms cater to varied user preferences

The inclusion of specialized platforms like Pinterest, with 482 million users, and Telegram, with 800 million users, reflects the diversity of user preferences in digital communication and content consumption.

Video content platforms enjoy high popularity

YouTube's 2491 million users highlight the widespread preference for video content, making it the second most popular social network globally.

The competitive landscape of social networks

The close user base numbers between WhatsApp, Instagram (both at 2000 million users), and TikTok (1562 million users) indicate a competitive landscape for the top positions in social media.

Regional platforms hold significant market share

Kuaishou and Sina Weibo, with 685 million and 605 million active users respectively, show that regional platforms can still hold a significant share of the global social media market.

Consolidation of services under major tech companies

Facebook's ownership of four major platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger) accumulating over 7028 million active users combined, underscores the consolidation of social media services under major tech companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What platform has the highest number of active users globally?

Facebook leads with the highest number of 3049 million active users globally.

Which Chinese platforms have a significant global presence?

Chinese platforms WeChat and Douyin have a significant global presence with 1336 million and 752 million active users respectively.

Are there any emerging platforms showing substantial user engagement?

Yes, TikTok and Snapchat are emerging platforms showing substantial engagement with 1562 million and 750 million active users respectively.

What does the user base of platforms like Pinterest and Telegram indicate?

The user base of platforms like Pinterest, with 482 million users, and Telegram, with 800 million users, indicates the diversity of user preferences in digital communication and content consumption.

Terms and Definitions

A social network is a digital platform where people can connect, communicate, share content and interact with each other. They are used for various purposes such as posting updates, sharing photos, discussing topics, and debates.

User Rankings refer to the arrangement or classification of users based on certain criteria or metrics. In the context of social media, it could be based on their follower count, engagement rate, content quality, influence, or other factors.

In the context of digital technology, a platform refers to a system or application that manages or hosts various digital content. In the case of social networks, a platform might refer to social media sites or applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

Engagement rate refers to metrics that gauge the interaction and active involvement of users with content showcased. It can include likes, comments, shares, views, or other sorts of user-generated interaction.

Metrics refer to quantitative measurements that are used to track, assess, and analyze data or performance. In social media, metrics can include parameters such as likes, shares, comments, followers, and other forms of user interactions.

Follower count refers to the number of individuals who have chosen to follow or subscribe to a user's social media profile or account. It often serves as one of the initial indicators of a person or brand's popularity or influence on social networks.

Content quality refers to the value, relevance, and effectiveness of the content posted on a social media platform. It can involve factors such as the information's relevance, the clarity of its message, its aesthetic appeal, and its ability to engage the audience.

Active users are individuals who engage with a platform or network regularly, as opposed to those who have merely registered an account but do not necessarily use or engage with the platform. This term is often used to determine the effectiveness and reach of social media platforms.
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