Football: Leading European Champion Clubs, by enterprise value
ClubEnterprise value,
in million EUR
Manchester City4,073
Bayern Munich3,838
Paris Saint-Germain2,858
  • Region: Europe
  • Time period: 2022/23
  • Published: Jan 2024

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Apr 13, 2024 | Published by: Statistico | About Us / Data / Analysis

Manchester City Leads in Enterprise Value

Manchester City stands at the pinnacle with an enterprise value of 4,073 million EUR, outpacing Bayern Munich, the second on the list, by a margin of 235 million EUR. This significant lead underscores Manchester City's dominant financial valuation among European soccer champions.

Top Three Clubs Exceed 3,500 Million EUR in Value

Manchester City, Bayern Munich, and Barcelona are the only clubs with an enterprise value exceeding 3,500 million EUR, highlighting a clear financial stratification within European football's elite clubs. This tier signifies a substantial gap in valuation compared to other listed clubs.

Paris Saint-Germain and Napoli: The Billion EUR Gap

Paris Saint-Germain, with an enterprise value of 2,858 million EUR, and Napoli, valued at 706 million EUR, demonstrate the vast economic disparities among top European soccer clubs. The difference of over 2,000 million EUR illustrates the wide financial spectrum within the sport.

Benfica Stands as the Most Valuable Among the Lowest Ranked

Among the clubs with the lowest enterprise values, Benfica leads with 488 million EUR. This positions Benfica as the most valuable among the less financially potent champions, showcasing its prominence in a different financial bracket.

Cumulative Value of Selected Champions

The combined enterprise value of these selected European soccer champions totals 13,467 million EUR. This aggregation represents a significant portion of the financial might within European football, underscoring the sport's economic impact.

Value Discrepancy Between Top and Bottom Clubs

The gap between the most valuable club, Manchester City, and the least valuable, Benfica, amounts to 3,585 million EUR. This discrepancy underlines the vast differences in financial clout among Europe's soccer elite.

Majority of Clubs Valued Above 1 Billion EUR

Four out of the six clubs listed are valued above 1 billion EUR, with only Napoli and Benfica falling below this threshold. This statistic highlights the financial robustness present among the majority of top European soccer clubs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which football club has the highest value?

Manchester City tops the list with an enterprise value of 4,073 million EUR.

How many clubs have an enterprise value exceeding 3,500 million EUR?

Only three clubs: Manchester City, Bayern Munich, and Barcelona exceed 3,500 million EUR in value.

How many of the listed clubs have values exceeding 1 billion EUR?

Four out of the six listed clubs are valued above 1 billion EUR.

Terms and Definitions

Enterprise Value, or EV, is a measure of a company's total value. It is more comprehensive than just using market capitalization as it also includes short and long-term debts and subtracts cash and cash equivalents. It provides an accurate and detailed representation of a company's financial health and actual worth. Applied to football clubs, this includes not just the player market values, but also the stadium, brand value, contracts, and debts amongst other factors.

A football club is a team of players along with its supporting staff which participates in various professional football leagues and competitions. A club is not just limited to the players and coaching staff but also includes administrative staff, the owned or home stadium, and the club's fan base.

These are football clubs that have won their respective leagues, tournaments, or competitions. Being called a champion club generally means a team has achieved a high level of success.

These are the rights a radio, television network, or online platform purchases in order to broadcast games. They form a large part of a club's revenue and contribute to its financial value.

This involves brands paying football clubs to promote their goods or services, often through placing their logos on the team's uniforms or stadium. These deals contribute to the club’s overall value.

In the context of football, assets can refer to players, physical property like stadiums and training facilities, and intangible properties like the club’s brand or intellectual property rights.

This refers to the money that a football club earns, which can come from various sources. These include match-day earnings, sponsorship deals, sales of merchandise, player transfers, and broadcasting rights.
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