Football: Copa Del Rey Champions, by number of titles
ClubNumber of titles
FC Barcelona31
Athletic Club de Bilbao23
Real Madrid CF20
Atlético de Madrid10
Valencia CF8
Real Zaragoza6
Sevilla FC5
RCD Español4
Real Betis3
Real Unión de Irún3
Deportivo de la Coruña2
Real Sociedad2
Arenas Club de Getxo1
RCD Mallorca1
Racing Club de Irún1
Club Ciclista de San Sebastián1
  • Region: Spain
  • Time period: 1902 to 2023
  • Published: May 2023

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Mar 27, 2024 | Published by: Statistico

Dominance of FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona leads with the highest number of Copa del Rey titles, amassing 31 victories, outpacing Athletic Club de Bilbao and Real Madrid CF by 8 and 11 titles respectively.

Top Three Clubs

The trio of FC Barcelona, Athletic Club de Bilbao, and Real Madrid CF together hold 74 titles, accounting for more than half of all championships ever awarded.

Exclusive Winners Circle

Only 16 clubs have won the Copa del Rey, showcasing a select group of teams that have achieved success in this historic competition.

Single Title Winners

Arenas Club de Getxo, RCD Mallorca, Racing Club de Irún, and Club Ciclista de San Sebastián each have won the Copa del Rey once, highlighting the challenges of repeated success in the tournament.

Real Betis and Real Unión de Irún Parity

Real Betis and Real Unión de Irún are tied with 3 titles each, indicating competitive parity among historical winners.

Distinct Gap in Titles

A significant drop exists between the fourth and fifth most successful clubs, with Atlético de Madrid holding 10 titles and Valencia CF possessing 8, illustrating a clear divide between the competition's most frequent winners and other clubs.

Minimal Titles for Some Historical Winners

Deportivo de la Coruña and Real Sociedad, despite their long histories, have secured the Copa del Rey only twice each, underlining the competitive nature and historical difficulty of winning multiple titles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which club has the highest number of titles in the Copa del Rey championship?

FC Barcelona leads the Copa del Rey championship with a total of 31 titles.

What is the collective number of titles won by FC Barcelona, Athletic Club de Bilbao, and Real Madrid CF?

FC Barcelona, Athletic Club de Bilbao, and Real Madrid CF collectively have won 74 titles.

How many titles does Atlético de Madrid have compared to Real Madrid CF?

Atlético de Madrid holds 10 titles, significantly less than Real Madrid CF's 20 titles.

How many clubs have won the Copa del Rey and how is the distribution of titles?

A total of 16 clubs have won the Copa del Rey, with 11 clubs winning 6 titles or fewer.

Terms and Definitions

Football is a popular team sport where two teams, each consisting of eleven players, compete to score goals by driving a ball into the opponent's net. It is governed by a set of rules known as the Laws of the Game.

Copa del Rey, or "King's Cup", is a football tournament held in Spain. It is organized by the Royal Spanish Football Federation and the participants include teams from the top leagues in Spain including La Liga, Segunda Division, and other lower division clubs.

La Liga is the top professional division of the Spanish football league system. It is contested by 20 teams and is one of the most popular football leagues in the world.

The Segunda Division is the second-highest division in the Spanish football league system. The top teams in this division are promoted to La Liga at the end of the season.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation is the governing body of football in Spain. It organizes national competitions such as the Copa del Rey and the Supercopa de España, and oversees the Spanish football league system.

The term "all-time winners" refers to teams that have won the most titles in the history of a particular competition. It includes victories from the inception of the competition to the present day.

The final refers to the last match in a tournament. The two teams that reach the final compete for the championship, with the winner being declared the champion of the tournament.

A tie in football occurs when both teams finish a match with the same score. In many tournaments, including the Copa del Rey, ties in knockout stages are resolved with extra time and potentially a penalty shootout.

A penalty shootout is a method used in football to decide the winner of a match that has ended in a tie after regulation time and extra time. Each team takes turns to kick from the penalty spot, and the team with the highest number of successful kicks after a specified number of attempts is declared the winner.
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