Football: Manchester United’s Title Count, by competition
CompetitionNumber of titles
FA Community Shield21
English football champions (I)20
FA Cup12
League Cup6
UEFA Champions League3
English second-tier champions (II)2
FIFA Club World Cup1
UEFA Super Cup1
Intercontinental Cup1
UEFA Europa League1
UEFA Cup Winners Cup1
  • Region: United Kingdom (England)
  • Time period: as of Feb 27, 2023
  • Published: Feb 2023

Data Analysis and Insights

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Manchester United's dominance in English football

Manchester United has won the English football champions title 20 times, showcasing their dominance in English football. This achievement is further highlighted by their 12 FA Cup titles and 6 League Cup titles, indicating a strong performance in domestic cup competitions as well.

Versatility across competitions

Manchester United has demonstrated versatility by winning titles in a variety of competitions, with victories in 11 different competitions. Their success ranges from domestic achievements to international glory, including 3 UEFA Champions League titles and a FIFA Club World Cup victory.

Consistent success in community engagements

With 21 FA Community Shield titles, Manchester United has shown consistent success in the annual community engagement match, leading as a clear indicator of their sustained competitive performance over the years.

European and global achievements

Manchester United's European and global achievements include winning each of the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, UEFA Super Cup, Intercontinental Cup, and FIFA Club World Cup once. This diverse set of victories underscores their ability to compete and succeed on both European and global stages.

Prominence in top-tier and second-tier English football

Manchester United's prominence is not limited to top-tier football; they have also won the English second-tier champions title 2 times. This demonstrates their historical capacity to rise through the ranks of English football, cementing their legacy as a powerhouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times has Manchester United won the English football champions title?

Manchester United has won the English football champions title 20 times.

What indicates Manchester United's versatility across different competitions?

Manchester United's victories in 11 different competitions, including 3 UEFA Champions League titles and a FIFA Club World Cup victory, demonstrate this versatility.

What global achievements does Manchester United have?

Manchester United has won each of the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, UEFA Super Cup, Intercontinental Cup, and FIFA Club World Cup once.

Terms and Definitions

Manchester United is a professional football club that competes in the English Premier League. This club is one of the most well-known and successful football clubs in the world. The team, often nicknamed "the Red Devils," has a rich history of winning numerous titles across different competitions.

In the context of football, a title refers to the championship of a particular competition. This is the highest achievement a team can attain in a given competition, often crowned as the winner at the end of the season.

A competition in football is a series of matches that teams participate in to determine an ultimate winner. Competitions can be based domestically or internationally, and often take place annually. Examples of these are the Premier League, the FA Cup, or the UEFA Champions League.

The Premier League is the top tier of English football. It is an annual competition consisted of twenty teams. The team that accumulates the most points at the end of the season wins the Premier League title.

The FA Cup, or The Football Association Challenge Cup, is an annual knockout competition in English football. The competition is open to hundreds of teams from the top tiers to the grassroots of English football. The winner is decided in a final match held in Wembley Stadium.

The UEFA Champions League is an annual club football competition organized by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). It's the most prestigious club competition in European football. Winning the UEFA Champions League is considered one of the highest honors in football.

The UEFA Europa League is another annual football competition organised by UEFA. It is considered to be the second-tier competition of European club football, beneath the UEFA Champions League.

Also known as the EFL Cup, the League Cup is another annual knockout competition in English football. Likened to the FA Cup, it differs in that only members of the Football League are invited to participate.

The Community Shield is an annual match between the winners of the previous Premier League season and the holders of the FA Cup. If the Premier League champions also won the FA Cup, the runners up in the Premier League are invited to participate.
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