Football: Premier League Champions, by number of titles
ClubNumber of titles
Manchester United20
Manchester City9
Aston Villa7
Newcastle United4
Sheffield Wednesday4
Blackburn Rovers3
Huddersfield Town3
Leeds United3
Wolverhampton Wanderers3
Derby County2
Preston North End2
Tottenham Hotspur2
Ipswich Town1
Nottingham Forest1
Sheffield United1
West Bromwich Albion1
Leicester City1
  • Region: United Kingdom (England)
  • Time period: as of May 2023
  • Published: May 2023

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Mar 27, 2024 | Published by: Statistico

Manchester United leads with most titles

Manchester United tops the chart with a record 20 Premier League titles, outpacing their closest rival, Liverpool, who has secured 19 titles.

Liverpool and Arsenal dominate the runner-up positions

Liverpool and Arsenal are prominent figures in English football, holding 19 and 13 titles, respectively, showcasing their historical success and consistency at the top levels of the competition.

Top 4 clubs showcase significant gap

A substantial gap exists between the top four clubs (Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton) and the rest, with Everton and Manchester City both claiming 9 titles each, indicating a concentration of success among these elite teams.

Limited clubs with more than 5 titles

Only 7 clubs have won more than 5 Premier League titles, highlighting the competitive nature of the league but also the dominance of a select few clubs over the years.

Manchester City's recent ascent

Manchester City, with 9 titles, has seen a significant rise in the past decade, joining the ranks of the traditional powerhouses and reflecting the changing dynamics of Premier League competitiveness.

Diverse championship winners

The Premier League has seen 24 different clubs win the title, demonstrating the league's diversity in champions but also the significant variance in championship success among teams.

Rare winners and historical significance

Clubs like Ipswich Town, Nottingham Forest, Sheffield United, West Bromwich Albion, and Leicester City each hold a solitary title, showcasing moments of historical significance and the occasional underdog story in the league's rich history.

Mid-table dominance and the struggle for supremacy

Clubs positioned in the mid-table, such as Sunderland and Chelsea, each with 6 titles, illustrate the ongoing battle for dominance and the challenges faced by historically successful teams in maintaining their status at the top.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which club holds the record for most Premier League titles?

Manchester United holds the record with a total of 20 Premier League titles.

How many clubs have won more than 5 Premier League titles?

Only 7 clubs have won more than 5 Premier League titles.

How many different clubs have won the Premier League title?

The Premier League has seen 24 different clubs win the title.

Terms and Definitions

The Premier League, often referred to as the English Premier League (EPL), is the top level of the English football league system. It is internationally renowned and features 20 clubs who compete annually for the title.

Title wins refer to the number of times a specific team has finished a soccer league, in this case the Premier League, in first place. The team that finishes the season with the most points is declared the champion and gains a title win.

In the context of Premier League, a team refers to a football club that participates in the league. Each team is comprised of professional football players, coaches, management, and support staff.

The English Football League System, also known as the football pyramid, is a series of interconnected leagues for men's football clubs in England. The Premier League sits at the top of this pyramid as the highest level of competition.

The points system in the Premier League is a method of determining the league positions of teams. Teams are awarded three points for a win, one point for a draw, and zero points for a loss. The team with the highest total points at the end of the season wins the league.

A season, in the context of the Premier League, is the period of competition that usually runs from August to May the following year. Each team plays all other teams twice, once at home and once away, for a total of 38 matches.

The champion in Premier League is the team that has accumulated the most points throughout the season. This team is awarded the Premier League Trophy and is recognized as the title winner.

Relegation in the Premier League refers to the process of replacing the lowest-ranked teams with better-performing teams from the lower division. Usually, three teams with the least points at the end of the season are relegated to the Championship, the second tier of English football.
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