Premier League: Leading Scorers, by number of goals
PlayerNumber of goals scored
Erling Haaland (Manchester City)18
Ollie Watkins (Aston Villa)16
Mohamed Salah (Liverpool)15
Dominic Solanke (AFC Bournemouth)15
Jarrod Bowen (West Ham United)14
Son Heung-Min (Tottenham Hotspur)14
Bukayo Saka (Arsenal)13
Alexander Isak (Newcastle United)12
Phil Foden (Manchester City)11
Cole Palmer (Chelsea)11
  • Region: England (UK)
  • Time period: as of Mar 2024
  • Published: Mar 2024

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Mar 30, 2024 | Published by: Statistico

Erling Haaland Leads in Goals

Erling Haaland of Manchester City tops the chart with 18 goals, setting him apart as the premier goal scorer among his peers. His prowess underscores Manchester City's offensive strategy, with Haaland being a pivotal figure in their attacking lineup.

Representation Across Clubs

The list features players from 10 different clubs, highlighting the competitive nature and diverse talent distribution within the Premier League. This variety illustrates that high-scoring talent is not confined to the top-tier teams alone, fostering a highly competitive atmosphere across the league.

Close Competition for the Runner-up Position

Ollie Watkins of Aston Villa and Mohamed Salah of Liverpool are neck and neck in the goal-scoring race with 16 and 15 goals, respectively. Their close numbers reflect the intense competition for the runner-up spot, indicating that the race for the Golden Boot is far from over.

Tight Cluster Among Top Scorers

The gap between the top scorer and the tenth position is just 7 goals, from Haaland's 18 goals to Cole Palmer's 11. This tight clustering suggests a highly competitive field where a short burst of form could significantly alter the rankings.

Goalscoring Diversity Within Teams

Manchester City is the only club with two players —Erling Haaland and Phil Foden—featured in the top ten goal scorers. This indicates a diverse and potent attack that can rely on multiple players to find the back of the net.

Midfielders and Forwards Make Their Mark

The presence of midfielders like Bukayo Saka and Phil Foden among the top scorers with 13 and 11 goals respectively, alongside forwards, underlines the evolving nature of football where players from various positions contribute significantly to the team's goal tally.

Emergence of Young Talents

Young talents such as Bukayo Saka and Cole Palmer making the list with 13 and 11 goals respectively, signal the rise of the next generation of footballers. Their impressive performances indicate a bright future and the potential for these players to dominate the scoring charts in coming seasons.

Equitable Goal Distribution

The spread of goal tallies from 18 to 11 among the top ten scorers reflects a relatively equitable distribution of goal-scoring responsibilities and successes among leading players. This balance suggests that while a few individuals stand out, many are contributing significantly to their teams' offensive output.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the current top scorer in the league?

Erling Haaland of Manchester City is the top scorer with 18 goals.

How many different clubs are represented in the top scorers list?

The top scorers list features players from 10 different clubs.

Who are the close competitors for the runner-up position?

Ollie Watkins of Aston Villa and Mohamed Salah of Liverpool are close competitors with 16 and 15 goals, respectively.

What is the gap in goals between the top scorer and the tenth position?

The gap between the top scorer and the tenth position is 7 goals.

Terms and Definitions

The Premier League is the top tier of professional football in a particular country, renowned for its competitiveness and high standards. The league is known worldwide and comprises teams that compete annually for the championship.

In football, a goal is scored when the ball legally crosses the line between the goalposts and under the crossbar, provided no rules have been violated during the play leading up to the goal. Each goal contributes one point to the scoring team's overall match score.

A match refers to a competitive encounter between two teams in the league. Each match consists of two halves, each typically 45 minutes long, and provides opportunities for each team to score goals.

A hat trick is a term used within the footballing world to denote the achievement of a player scoring three goals in a single match.

The Golden Boot is an award given to the leading goal scorer in the Premier League at the end of each season. The recipient of the award is the player who has scored the most goals during the course of the season.
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