Geographic Properties

Full Name: Federative Republic of Brazil
Native Name: República Federativa do Brasil
Continent: South America
Total Area: 3.288 million mi² (World Rank: 5th)
Land Area: 3.266 million mi² (World Rank: 5th)
Bordering Countries/Regions: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela


Population: 216 million people (2023 estimate, World Rank: 7th)
Population Density: 66.4 people/mi² (2021 estimate, World Rank: 198th)
Population Growth: 0.465 %/yr (2021 estimate, World Rank: 149th)
Life Expectancy: 76.1 years (2020 estimate, World Rank: 107th)
Median Age: 32.8 years (2021 estimate, World Rank: 107th)

Cultural Properties

Languages: Portuguese (95%), Venetian (2.1%), Hunsrik (1.4%), Spanish (0.24%), Caló (0.2%)
Ethnic Mix: White (53.7%), Mixed (38.5%), Black (6.2%), Other (1.6%)
Religions: Christianity (91%), Spiritism (4.9%), Buddhism (0.25%), Judaism (0.21%)
Literacy Rate: 94.3% (2021 estimate)

Capital and Major Cities

Capital City: Brasília, Distrito Federal
Largest Cities:
- São Paulo: 12.4 million people
- Rio de Janeiro: 6.454 million people
- Salvador, Bahia: 2.921 million people
- Fortaleza, Ceara: 2.61 million people
- Brasília, Distrito Federal: 2.556 million people

Economic Properties

Currency: R$1.00 (Brazilian reais)
GDP: $1.609 trillion/yr (2021 estimate, World Rank: 12th)
GDP at Parity: $3.436 trillion/yr (2021 estimate, World Rank: 8th)
Real GDP: $1.83 trillion/yr (2021 estimate, World Rank: 10th)
GDP per Capita: $7507/yr/person (2021 estimate, World Rank: 114th)
GDP Real Growth: 4.619%/yr (2021 estimate, World Rank: 98th)
Gini Index: 0.489 (2020 estimate, World Rank: 145th)
Consumer Price Inflation: 8.3%/yr (2021 estimate, World Rank: 29th)


Unemployment Rate: 14.4% (2021 estimate, World Rank: 33rd)
Long-term Unemployment Rate: 1.05% (2012 estimate, World Rank: 85th)
Labor Force: 99.47 million people (52.13% of population, 2021 estimate, World Rank: 5th)

Business Information

Total Business Tax Rate: 65.1% of profit (2019 estimate, World Rank: 15th)
New Businesses Registered: 405049/yr (8.655% of total businesses, 2020 estimate, World Rank: 4th)

Media and Telecommunications

Internet Usage: 173.4 million people (81.34% of population, 2020 estimate, World Rank: 4th)
Mobile Cellular Subscriptions: 219.7 million (2021 estimate, World Rank: 6th)


Vehicles in Use: 38.3 million vehicles (170 vehicles per thousand people)
Total Road Length: 1.1 million miles (2004 estimate)


Public Education Spending: 5.963% of GDP (2019 estimate, World Rank: 45th)
Students: 46.82 million people (23.62% of population, 2011 estimate, World Rank: 5th)
Teachers: 2.133 million people (2020 estimate, World Rank: 5th)

Health Care

Physicians per Capita: 2.311/1000 people (2019 estimate)
Hospital Beds: 2.6/1000 people (2002 estimate)

UN Human Development Index

Health: 0.842 (World Rank: 78th)
Education: 0.681 (World Rank: 87th)
Living Standards: 0.748 (World Rank: 77th)
Total: 0.754 (World Rank: 79th, 2015 estimate)
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