Chicago Bears: Career Touchdown Leaders, by number of touchdowns
PlayerNo of touchdowns scored
Walter Payton125
Neal Anderson71
Matt Forte64
Rick Casares59
Gale Sayers56
Ken Kavanaugh52
Harlon Hill40
George McAfee39
Johnny Morris37
Willie Galimore37
Mike Ditka36
Hugh Gallarneau35
Dick Gordon35
Devin Hester33
Brandon Marshall31
Curtis Conway31
Red Grange31
Ray McLean30
David Montgomery30
Willie Gault28
  • Region: United States
  • Time period: 1920 to 2024
  • Published: Mar 2024

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Mar 28, 2024 | Published by: Statistico

Walter Payton's dominance in touchdowns for the Chicago Bears

Walter Payton leads the Chicago Bears' all-time touchdown list with a remarkable 125 touchdowns, a testament to his legendary status within the team. His tally is significantly higher than that of the second-placed Neal Anderson, who scored 71 touchdowns. Payton's scoring ability highlights his central role in the Bears' offense during his career.

Distribution of touchdowns among top scorers

The touchdown distribution among the top 20 Chicago Bears players is notably skewed. Walter Payton alone accounts for approximately 22.5% of the total touchdowns scored by these top performers, underscoring the disparity in scoring contributions among players.

Comparing eras through touchdown achievements

Players from a range of eras make up the top touchdown scorers list, indicating the Bears' rich history. For instance, Ken Kavanaugh (52 touchdowns), active in the 1940s, and more recent players like Matt Forte (64 touchdowns) demonstrate the team's long-standing tradition of producing high-caliber talent across different periods.

Top positions contributing to touchdowns

While specific positions are not listed, the presence of notable running backs and wide receivers suggests these positions are pivotal in the Bears' touchdown-scoring strategy. Walter Payton and Neal Anderson, both running backs, along with wide receiver Brandon Marshall (31 touchdowns), highlight the impact of these roles in the team's offensive playbook.

The exclusive '30 touchdown club' of the Chicago Bears

Only 19 players have scored 30 or more touchdowns for the Bears, illustrating the elite status of this scoring bracket. The inclusion of recent players like David Montgomery, alongside legends such as Red Grange, showcases both the historical depth and contemporary talent within the team.

Tight end and return specialist contributions

Mike Ditka (36 touchdowns), primarily known for his role as a tight end, and Devin Hester (33 touchdowns), a return specialist, underscore the diversified sources of touchdowns beyond traditional running and receiving roles, highlighting the multifaceted nature of the Bears' scoring avenues.

Scoring consistency among top performers

The progression from the team's all-time leading scorer, Walter Payton, down to Willie Gault (28 touchdowns) at the twentieth spot illustrates a gradual decline in touchdowns. This gradual decrease reflects a level of scoring consistency among the team's top performers, albeit with a significant gap between the very top and those ranking lower.

Impact of Walter Payton's legacy

Walter Payton's legacy is further cemented by the fact that his touchdown total (125) nearly doubles that of the player with the second-highest total, Neal Anderson (71). This vast difference not only highlights Payton's exceptional talent but also sets a high benchmark for future Bears players.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who leads the Chicago Bears' all-time touchdown list?

Walter Payton leads the Chicago Bears' all-time touchdown list with 125 touchdowns.

Which two positions appear to be pivotal in the Bears' touchdown-scoring strategy?

The positions of running backs and wide receivers seems to be pivotal in the Bears' touchdown-scoring strategy.

How many players have scored 30 or more touchdowns for the Chicago Bears?

Only 19 players have scored 30 or more touchdowns for the Chicago Bears.

Terms and Definitions

The Chicago Bears are a professional football team that competes in the National Football League (NFL). Since the team's inception, it has featured many prominent players who have made significant contributions to the sport.

A touchdown is a means of scoring in American football. It is scored when the offensive team carries or catches the ball in the opposing team's end zone, earning six points.

Career touchdowns refer to the total number of touchdowns a player has scored throughout the duration of his professional football career. This number includes touchdowns scored during regular season games as well as post-season or playoff games.

Touchdown leaders are players who have scored more touchdowns than any other players within a given context such as on a particular team, in a particular league, or over a certain time period. Leadership can be determined either by the total number of touchdowns or by the rate of touchdowns scored per game or per season.

The National Football League (NFL) is a professional American football league composed of 32 teams. It's the highest level of professional American football worldwide and is one of the major sports leagues in the United States.

In American football, the end zone is a rectangular area at each end of the field. The objective for the offensive team is to get the ball into the opponent's end zone for a touchdown.

Regular season games refer to the standard series of games in a professional sports league's season, as opposed to pre-season exhibition games or post-season playoff games.

Playoff games are held after the regular season has finished. These games determine which team will advance to the championship, with only the top teams from the regular season qualifying to play.

Scoring in American football refers to the ways in which a team can accumulate points during the course of a game. This could be through methods such as touchdowns, field goals, or safeties.
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