Los Angeles Chargers: Career Touchdown Leaders, by number of touchdowns
PlayerNo of touchdowns scored
LaDainian Tomlinson153
Antonio Gates116
Lance Alworth83
Austin Ekeler69
Keenan Allen60
Gary Garrison58
Melvin Gordon47
Charlie Joiner47
Paul Lowe46
Chuck Muncie45
Kellen Winslow45
Wes Chandler41
Anthony Miller40
Vincent Jackson37
John Jefferson36
Natrone Means35
Malcom Floyd34
Tony Martin33
Marion Butts32
Keith Lincoln31
  • Region: United States
  • Time period: 1960 to 2024
  • Published: Mar 2024

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Mar 28, 2024 | Published by: Statistico

LaDainian Tomlinson's Record Touchdowns

LaDainian Tomlinson leads the Los Angeles Chargers in career touchdowns with a remarkable 153, setting a high benchmark for future players. This total is 37 touchdowns more than the second-highest scorer, Antonio Gates, who has scored 116 touchdowns. Tomlinson's achievement underscores his dominant role in the team's offensive lineup during his tenure.

Tight End Excellence: Antonio Gates

Antonio Gates, with 116 career touchdowns, stands out not just for his scoring ability but for doing so as a tight end, a position typically seeing fewer touchdowns compared to running backs and wide receivers. Gates' career performance highlights the evolution of the tight end position into a key offensive weapon.

Top Three Scoring Dominance

The combined touchdowns of the top three players (LaDainian Tomlinson, Antonio Gates, and Lance Alworth) amount to 352, which is more than the combined total of the bottom ten players on the list. This disparity illustrates the significant impact that top performers can have on a team's scoring capability over time.

Decade-spanning Careers

Players like Lance Alworth, active in the 1960s, through to Austin Ekeler, who is currently active as of 2024, showcase the Chargers' long history of talented scorers. The span of years covered by the careers of these top scorers highlights the team's ability to identify and nurture talent across different eras of the NFL.

Emerging Talents: Austin Ekeler and Keenan Allen

Austin Ekeler and Keenan Allen represent the newer generation of Chargers' talents with 69 and 60 touchdowns respectively. Their inclusion among the team's all-time touchdown leaders signifies the ongoing evolution of the team's offense and the emergence of new stars.

Variety in Scoring Positions

The list includes a wide range of positions from running backs, tight ends, to wide receivers, demonstrating the Chargers' diverse offensive strategies over the years. This variety underscores the team's adaptability and willingness to leverage the unique strengths of their roster to score.

Exclusive Touchdown Club

Only five players in Chargers history have scored 60 or more touchdowns, underlining the exclusivity of high-scoring achievements within the team. This benchmark sets a high standard for current and future Chargers, emphasizing the significance of reaching such a milestone.

Close Competition Among Elite Scorers

The competition among the team's elite scorers is notably close, with many players separated by a narrow margin of touchdowns. For instance, the difference between Melvin Gordon and Charlie Joiner is only a single touchdown (47 versus 46), indicating a high level of competition and talent within the team's scoring leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many career touchdowns does LaDainian Tomlinson have with the Los Angeles Chargers?

LaDainian Tomlinson holds a record of 153 career touchdowns with the Los Angeles Chargers.

How many career touchdowns do the top three players in the Chargers' history have in total?

The combined touchdowns of the top three players, LaDainian Tomlinson, Antonio Gates, and Lance Alworth, amount to 352 touchdowns.

How many players in the Chargers history have scored 60 or more touchdowns?

Only five players in Chargers history have scored 60 or more touchdowns.

Terms and Definitions

A professional American football team that competes in the National Football League (NFL). The team's players engage in various positions such as quarterback, running back, and wide receiver, each playing a crucial role in scoring touchdowns.

In American football, a touchdown is the primary method of scoring. It is achieved when a team successfully brings the ball into the opposing team's end zone, earning them six points.

The primary professional American football league in the United States. It is composed of 32 teams, including the Los Angeles Chargers, and is the highest level of professional American football in the world.

In American football, the quarterback is the player who throws the ball in a pass play. The quarterback is a significant player on any team, often contributing heavily to the number of touchdowns scored.

A position in American football where the player is primarily responsible for running with the ball on rushing plays. They can also contribute to the number of touchdowns scored by either running the ball into the end zone or by receiving a pass.

A player's position in American football. Wide receivers are primarily responsible for catching passes thrown by the quarterback. They often contribute to the number of touchdowns by catching a pass in the opposing team's end zone.
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