Football: Argentine National Team's Most Valuable Players, by market value
PlayerMarket value,
in million EUR
Lautaro Martínez (CF)110
Julián Álvarez (CF)90
Enzo Fernández (CM)80
Cristian Romero (CB)65
Alexis Mac Allister (CM)65
Nahuel Molina (RB)45
Exequiel Palacios (CM)40
Nicolás González (RW)40
Lionel Messi (RW)35
Rodrigo de Paul (CM)30
Emiliano Martínez (G)28
  • Region: Argentina
  • Time period: Feb, 2024
  • Published: Feb 2024

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Mar 27, 2024 | Published by: Statistico | About Us | Data sources

Market value of Lautaro Martínez leads among Argentine players

Lautaro Martínez, a center forward, holds the highest market value among the Argentine national team players, at 110 million euros. His value surpasses that of Julián Álvarez, another center forward, by 20 million euros, showcasing his significant importance and value to the team.

Top three players constitute over 35% of the total market value

The combined market value of the top three players - Lautaro Martínez, Julián Álvarez, and Enzo Fernández - amounts to 280 million euros, accounting for more than 35% of the total market value of the listed Argentine players. This concentration highlights the exceptional value and impact these players have within the team.

Market values span a wide range from 110 to 28 million euros

Market values for the Argentine national team players range from 110 million euros for Lautaro Martínez to 28 million euros for Emiliano Martínez, indicating a wide disparity in perceived value and importance among team members.

Midfielders and forwards dominate the top market values

Among the players listed, midfielders and forwards dominate the highest market values, with Lautaro Martínez (110 million euros), Julián Álvarez (90 million euros), and Enzo Fernández (80 million euros) leading the list. This dominance suggests that offensive and midfield positions are highly valued for their contribution to the team's success.

Lionel Messi's market value is relatively lower

Lionel Messi, widely regarded as one of the greatest footballers, has a market value of 35 million euros, which is relatively lower compared to younger teammates like Lautaro Martínez and Julián Álvarez. This may reflect age considerations and the natural progression of players' careers.

Defensive positions hold mid to lower market value rankings

Defensive players such as Cristian Romero (65 million euros) and Nahuel Molina (45 million euros) hold mid to lower rankings in market value among the team, highlighting a trend where offensive capabilities tend to be more highly valued in market assessments.

Goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez has the lowest market value

Emiliano Martínez, the goalkeeper, has the lowest market value at 28 million euros among the listed Argentine players, underscoring the market's valuation trends where goalkeepers often have lower market values compared to outfield players.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who holds the highest market value among Argentine national football team players?

Lautaro Martínez holds the highest market value among Argentine national team players at 110 million euros.

What is the total market value of the top three Argentine football players?

The total market value of the top three Argentine players is 280 million euros, constituting over 35% of the total market value of the listed players.

What is the market value of Lionel Messi compared to his teammates?

Lionel Messi's market value is 35 million euros, which is relatively lower compared to younger teammates like Lautaro Martínez and Julián Álvarez.

Who has the lowest market value among the listed Argentine football players?

Goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez has the lowest market value at 28 million euros among the listed Argentine players.

Terms and Definitions

In football, market value refers to the estimated worth of a player in the transfer market. This valuation is based on numerous factors including the player's age, position, contract duration, performance, potential, demand, and club's financial situation.

A football player transfer occurs when a player under contract moves from one club to another. Both the player and the clubs need to agree on the terms which typically include a transfer fee paid to the selling club, the player's wages, and the contract duration with the buying club.

The Argentine National Team refers to the team that represents Argentina in international football competitions. It is governed by the Argentine Football Association. Notable for producing some of football's greatest talents, the team traditionally competes in tournaments like the FIFA World Cup and Copa America.

The FIFA World Cup is an international football tournament organized by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). It involves the men's national teams of the member associations and is considered one of the most prestigious tournaments in football.

Copa America is the oldest international continental football competition. It involves national teams from South America and is organized by the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL). Recently, teams from North/Central America and Asia have also participated as guests.

In football, wages refer to the regular payment made by clubs to their players. Wages are typically negotiated as part of a player's contract and can significantly vary based on the player's status, market value, and the club's financial capabilities.

Contract duration in football pertains to the agreed length of time a player commits to a particular club. Contracts are legally binding and typically last between one to five years. The length of a player's contract can influence their market value - players nearing the end of their contracts often have lower values due to potential free transfers.

A free transfer in football occurs when a player's contract with their current club has ended and they are able to join a new club without a transfer fee being required. Players may begin negotiating with other clubs for a free transfer move six months before their current contract expires.

The Argentine Football Association is the governing body of football in Argentina. It organizes domestic and international matches for teams in Argentina and oversees the operation of the Argentine National Team, including the selection of its players.
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