Football: Top Football Clubs in Portugal, by market value
ClubMarket value,
in million EUR
SL Benfica380.75
FC Porto307.48
Sporting CP268.10
SC Braga133.50
FC Famalicão46.10
Vitória Guimarães SC40.85
FC Porto B36.38
Boavista FC28.65
GD Estoril Praia27.20
SL Benfica B24.50
  • Region: Portugal
  • Time period: Jan 2024
  • Published: Jan 2024

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Apr 13, 2024 | Published by: Statistico | About Us / Data / Analysis

Top Three Portuguese Clubs by Market Value

SL Benfica leads the Portuguese football clubs in market value with €380.75 million, followed by FC Porto and Sporting CP with market values of €307.48 million and €268.10 million, respectively. Together, these three clubs account for a substantial portion of the total market value among the listed Portuguese clubs, indicating their dominant financial and possibly competitive position within Portuguese football.

SL Benfica and FC Porto B - Unique in Having B Teams in the Top 10

SL Benfica and FC Porto are the only clubs with both their main and B teams featured in the top 10 most valuable Portuguese football clubs. SL Benfica B has a market value of €24.50 million, while FC Porto B's market value stands at €36.38 million, showcasing the depth of talent and financial investment in their broader squad ecosystems.

SC Braga's Market Position

SC Braga, with a market value of €133.50 million, significantly trails the top three clubs but maintains a clear financial advantage over other Portuguese clubs. This positions Braga as a solid contender in Portuguese football, bridging the gap between the elite clubs and the rest of the league.

Market Value Disparity Between Top and Bottom Clubs

The gap in market value between the highest valued club, SL Benfica, and the lowest in the top 10, SL Benfica B, is €356.25 million. This disparity highlights the significant financial differences among Portuguese football clubs, which could reflect varying levels of competitive ability and resources available for player acquisitions and investments.

Investment in Secondary Teams

The inclusion of secondary teams like SL Benfica B and FC Porto B in the top 10, with market values of €24.50 million and €36.38 million respectively, indicates a considerable investment in the development squads of major clubs. This strategy may support long-term success through the cultivation of young talent.

SC Braga Stands Alone Among Non-Top Three Clubs

SC Braga's market value is more than double that of the next closest club, FC Famalicão, which has a market value of €46.10 million. This financial distinction underlines Braga's unique position as a club with substantial resources compared to other clubs outside the traditional top three, potentially allowing for greater competitiveness in the league and in European competitions.

Narrow Margins Among Lower Ranked Clubs

The market value differences between the lower-ranked clubs, specifically from FC Famalicão to SL Benfica B, range from €46.10 million to €24.50 million. These relatively narrow margins suggest a competitive balance among these clubs, where small increases in investment could lead to significant changes in their market value standings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Portuguese football club leads in market value?

SL Benfica leads the Portuguese football clubs in market value with a worth of €380.75 million.

What's the disparity in the market value between the highest and the lowest valued club in the top 10 of Portuguese football clubs?

The gap in market value between the highest valued club, SL Benfica, and the lowest, SL Benfica B, is €356.25 million.

Terms and Definitions

A football club is a group or team of professional football players who play the sport competitively. These clubs are typically part of a league in which they compete against other clubs. The clubs can have a multitude of professionals working for them including trainers, physiotherapists, and managers among others.

The Primeira Liga is the top division of the Portuguese professional football league system. It is contested by 18 clubs including S.L. Benfica, F.C. Porto, and Sporting CP and, admirably, it's one of the top football leagues in Europe.

A football league system is a series of interconnected leagues for football clubs. In Portugal, it involves several divisions, with the Primeira Liga being the top. Clubs can be promoted and relegated between divisions based on their performance.

The transfer market is the system within professional football where football clubs negotiate and agree on the transfer of players between clubs. A transfer involves a receiving club buying a player from a selling club. The player's value in this market greatly contributes to a football club's overall market value.
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