France: Wine Market Distribution, by company
CompanyMarket share,
in %
Castel Groupe16.0
Les Grands Chais de France SA2.3
Advini SA1.8
Union In Vivo Sca1.8
Boisset - La Famille des Grands Vins SAS1.7
La Martiniquaise SVS1.3
Union des Vignerons des Côtes du Rhône SCA0.8
Bacardi & Co Ltd0.8
Le Cercle des Vignerons de Provence SCA0.6
  • Region: France
  • Time period: 2022
  • Published: Oct 2023

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Apr 15, 2024 | Published by: Statistico | About Us / Data / Analysis

Market Dominance of Castel Groupe

Castel Groupe leads the French wine market with a significant market share of 16.0%. This company holds a higher market share than the next seven competitors combined, showcasing its dominant position in the industry.

Comparative Market Shares of Leading Competitors

Les Grands Chais de France SA and Advini SA are the second and third largest companies in terms of market share, with 2.3% and 1.8% respectively. This indicates a substantial gap between the market leader, Castel Groupe, and other major players, underlining the fragmented nature of the French wine market beyond the leader.

Small Share Holders in the Market

The lower tier of companies such as Oetker-Gruppe, Union des Vignerons des Côtes du Rhône SCA, and Bacardi & Co Ltd each maintain a modest market share of 0.8%. This reflects the high level of competition and diversity among smaller wine companies in France.

Consolidated Share of Smaller Companies

When combining the market shares of companies ranked from fifth to tenth, they collectively hold a total of 5.0% of the market. This demonstrates that these smaller entities, despite individual limitations, represent a significant cumulative force within the market landscape.

Influence of Market Share on Industry Structure

The data illustrates a market where Castel Groupe disproportionately influences market dynamics due to its 16.0% market share. In contrast, other companies significantly lag behind, indicating potential challenges in market penetration and growth for these smaller competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who leads the French wine market?

The French wine market is led by Castel Groupe with a market share of 16.0%.

Who are the second and third largest companies in the French wine market?

The second and third largest companies in the French wine market are Les Grands Chais de France SA and Advini SA with market shares of 2.3% and 1.8% respectively.

Terms and Definitions

A wine company, also known as a winery, is a business entity that produces, sells and distributes wine. It may also grow its grapes, known as a vineyard, or source them from external suppliers. The activities of a wine company range from wine production, bottling, branding, and marketing, to sales and distribution.

A vineyard is a specific form of farm, specialized in the cultivation of grape-bearing vines, usually for wine making, but also raisins, table grapes and non-alcoholic grape juice. The science, practice and study of vineyard production is known as viticulture.

Bottling refers to the process of transferring the wine from the tank or barrel into individual bottles for retail sale. This process may be done manually or with the help of automated machinery. The wine is sealed, usually with a cork, cap, or screw cap to maintain its quality.

Branding is the practice of creating a name, design, or symbol that distinguishes a company's products from those of its competitors. In the wine industry, branding involves creating a unique identity and reputation for a wine or a range of wines. Factors such as packaging, product quality, and consumer experience play a significant role in branding.
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