Internet and Social Media: Fastest Viral Videos, by views
VideoViews, generated in 24 hours post-release,
in millions
iQIYI: Double World400
Facebook: Paramount Pictures - Rings Prank200
Multiple: Louis Vuitton - Fashion show in Shangai158
Instagram: Mati and Maya Kochavi - Eva Stories120
iQIYI: Idol Producer: episode 1100
iQIYI: The Rap of China: episode 1100
iQIYI: The Lost Tomb100
Multiple: Chai Jing - Under the Dome100
YouTube: The Guardian - Will Smith smacks Chris Rock (uncensored)59
Facebook: Candace Payne - Chewbacca Mask Lady50
  • Region: Worldwide
  • Time period: Mar 29, 2022
  • Published: Mar 2021

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Mar 27, 2024 | Published by: Statistico

Top viral video by views in first 24 hours

iQIYI: Double World leads the chart with an impressive 400 million views generated in the first 24 hours post-release.

Facebook and Instagram videos among the fastest to go viral

Facebook's Paramount Pictures - Rings Prank and Instagram's Mati and Maya Kochavi - Eva Stories showcase the power of social media platforms in viral content dissemination, recording 200 million and 120 million views respectively.

iQIYI dominates the list with multiple entries

iQIYI proves to be a significant platform for viral videos, contributing four entries to the list: iQIYI: Double World, iQIYI: Idol Producer: episode 1, iQIYI: The Rap of China: episode 1, and iQIYI: The Lost Tomb, each generating over 100 million views.

Fashion and environmental documentaries make their mark

Louis Vuitton - Fashion show in Shanghai and Chai Jing - Under the Dome demonstrate the diverse interests of viewers, garnering 158 million and 100 million views respectively, highlighting fashion and environmental concerns.

YouTube's representation with real-life event footage

YouTube: The Guardian - Will Smith smacks Chris Rock (uncensored) is the sole YouTube entry, attracting 59 million views, indicating the platform's reach with real-life event footage.

Candace Payne's "Chewbacca Mask Lady" remains iconic on Facebook

Facebook: Candace Payne - Chewbacca Mask Lady continues to be an iconic viral video, accumulating 50 million views in the first 24 hours, showcasing the enduring appeal of relatable and humorous content.

Equal popularity for reality TV and drama series on iQIYI

Reality TV shows and drama series on iQIYI share equal popularity, with both iQIYI: Idol Producer: episode 1 and iQIYI: The Lost Tomb hitting the 100 million views milestone, reflecting diverse viewer preferences.

Distinct genres and platforms highlight varied viewer interests

The list features a mix of genres and platforms, from social media pranks to fashion shows, indicating the wide range of content that can achieve viral status, with views ranging from 50 million to 400 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which video had the most views in the first 24 hours of release?

iQIYI: Double World topped the list with an astounding 400 million views in the first 24 hours.

Which social media platforms had the fastest viral videos?

Facebook and Instagram had the fastest viral videos, generating 200 million and 120 million views respectively.

Which platform contributed the most entries to the top viral video list?

iQIYI contributed the most entries with its four videos each generating over 100 million views.

What type of content showed a strong viewership interest on this viral video list?

Fashion shows and environmental documentaries exhibited strong viewership interest, garnering 158 million and 100 million views respectively.

Terms and Definitions

The Internet is a vast, global system of interconnected computers and servers that facilitates communication and data exchange across the world. It is used for various purposes such as data sharing, communication, entertainment, education, and conducting business.

Social media is a digital platform that allows users to create, share, or exchange content like photos, videos, or text posts with others in their network. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are all examples of social media platforms.

Viral videos refer to pieces of digital content that gained massive popularity and spread rapidly across the Internet, particularly through social media platforms. This rapid sharing typically happens organically, driven by users finding the video entertaining, informative, or emotionally engaging.

Video sharing platforms are websites or applications where users can upload, share, and view digital videos. These platforms, such as YouTube and Vimeo, play a significant role in the distribution and accessibility of viral videos.

User-generated content (UGC) refers to any form of content — text, reviews, photos, videos, etc. — created by users (as opposed to professionals or brands) and publicly shared, often on social media or other digital platforms.

Digital content is any content that exists in a digital format. In the context of the internet and social media, this content can include text posts, digital images, audio, and video files.

Organic reach is a term used in digital marketing to describe the number of individuals who see a particular piece of content in their social media feed without paid promotion. Viral videos typically have a high organic reach due to the rapid, unpaid sharing among users.

Social sharing refers to the act of users sharing content from websites on their social media profiles, thus multiplying the content's visibility and reach. It's a significant mechanism behind the virality of digital content, including videos.
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