Levi Strauss: Net Sales, by year
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  • Region: Worldwide
  • Time period: 2010 to 2023
  • Published: Jan 2024

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Global Net Sales Growth in 2023

Levi Strauss's global net sales reached a peak of 6,179.00 million USD in 2023, marking a slight increase from 6,168.60 million USD in 2022. This growth reflects a consistent upward trend in the company's financial performance.

Comparison of Net Sales in 2020 and 2021

The company witnessed a significant recovery in 2021 with net sales of 5,763.94 million USD, bouncing back from a low point in 2020 when sales dropped to 4,452.61 million USD. This recovery indicates a robust rebound of 29.4% year-over-year, showcasing the company's resilience amid challenges.

Sales Decline in 2020

2020 saw a sharp decline in Levi Strauss's net sales to 4,452.61 million USD, which was a stark contrast from 5,763.09 million USD in 2019. This 22.7% decrease reflects the impact of external challenges on the company's operations.

Steady Growth Since 2016

Levi Strauss has demonstrated consistent growth since 2016, with net sales increasing from 4,552.74 million USD to 6,179.00 million USD in 2023. This overall growth trajectory highlights the company's expanding market presence and financial strength over the years.

Record Net Sales in 2023 Compared to the Past Decade

The year 2023 stands out as the year with the highest net sales in the past decade, with a record-setting figure of 6,179.00 million USD. This underscores Levi Strauss's ongoing success and market leadership in the apparel industry.

Impact of the Pandemic on Sales Performance

The pandemic's impact is evident in the fluctuation of net sales from 2019 to 2021, with a dip in 2020 followed by a recovery in 2021. This period highlights the volatility in the market and Levi Strauss's ability to navigate through these challenging times.

Historical Sales Growth from 2010 to 2023

Levi Strauss's net sales have grown from 4,410.65 million USD in 2010 to 6,179.00 million USD in 2023, indicating a long-term growth trend. This growth underscores the brand's enduring appeal and effectiveness in expanding its global footprint.

Net Sales Stability and Growth Post-2018

Following a steady growth period, Levi Strauss's net sales have remained relatively stable since 2018, with slight annual variations. The company has maintained its sales above 5,500 million USD, demonstrating consistent market demand for its products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the trend in Levi Strauss's net sales in recent years?

Levi Strauss's net sales have shown a consistent long-term growth trend, increasing from 4,410.65 million USD in 2010 to 6,179.00 million USD in 2023.

Terms and Definitions

Levi Strauss is a globally recognized and leading brand in the apparel industry, particularly known for its denim jeans. It's a public company that operates globally, with its products sold in more than 100 countries. The company's sales revenue provides insights into its financial health and growth prospects.

Net sales refer to the gross income generated by a business operation through its primary activities, after deducting returns, allowances, and discounts. This key performance indicator reveals the revenues that a company- in this case, Levi Strauss- has earned during a particular period (e.g., a year), excluding costs associated with returned or damaged goods and discounts.

Gross income is the total amount of money that a business makes before deductions, such as operating expenses, taxes, and cost of goods sold (COGS). It represents the top line or the gross revenue of a company's income statement.

Operating expenses are the costs associated with running a business's day-to-day operations, which can include items such as salaries, rent, utilities, and depreciation. Operating expenses do not include business taxes or interest on debt, which are categorized as non-operating expenses.

The cost of goods sold (COGS) is an accounting term that means the direct costs associated with producing goods sold by a company. For a clothing company like Levi Strauss, this includes the clothing production's material costs and direct labor costs.
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