U.S.: Leading Lobbying Firms, by revenue
Lobbying FirmTotal income,
in million USD
Brownstein Hyatt et al62.47
Akin Gump et al54.71
Holland & Knight47.59
BGR Group41.74
Cornerstone Government Affairs41.18
Invariant LLC39.31
Thorn Run Partners27.96
Capitol Counsel25.28
Forbes Tate Partners24.98
Crossroads Strategies24.62
Tiber Creek Group24.35
Mehlman Castagnetti et al23.96
Cassidy & Assoc23.21
Squire Patton Boggs22.50
Team Subject Matter20.04
Van Scoyoc Assoc19.85
Alpine Group18.53
K&L Gates17.49
Ballard Partners15.93
Monument Advocacy15.81
  • Region: United States
  • Time period: 2023
  • Published: Jan 2024

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Apr 14, 2024 | Published by: Statistico | About Us / Data / Analysis

Top Earning Lobbying Firm

Brownstein Hyatt et al leads the U.S. lobbying industry with a total income of 62.47 million USD, distinguishing itself as the highest earner. This income surpasses that of its closest competitor, Akin Gump et al, by nearly 8 million USD.

Comparison of Top and Bottom Earners

The income disparity between the top earner, Brownstein Hyatt et al, and the firm at the bottom of the list, Monument Advocacy, is 46.66 million USD. This gap highlights significant income variability within the top 20 lobbying firms.

Income Range of Leading Lobbying Firms

Lobbying firms in the list have incomes ranging from 15.81 million USD to 62.47 million USD, demonstrating a broad spectrum of financial success within the industry.

Representation in the 20+ Million USD Club

All firms featured in the data have incomes exceeding 20 million USD, showcasing a high financial threshold for leading lobbying firms in the U.S.

Lobbying Firms with Income Close to 25 Million USD

A cluster of firms including Tiber Creek Group, Mehlman Castagnetti et al, Cassidy & Assoc, and Crossroads Strategies have incomes hovering around 25 million USD, indicating a competitive range within the industry.

Tight Competition Among Middle Tier

The income gap between Cornerstone Government Affairs and Invariant LLC is merely 1.87 million USD, reflecting tight competition among firms in the middle of the pack.

Distinct Leaders in the Lobbying Industry

Only three firms, Brownstein Hyatt et al, Akin Gump et al, and Holland & Knight, have incomes exceeding 47 million USD, distinguishing them as the clear financial leaders in the lobbying sector.

Average Income of Top 20 Lobbying Firms

The average income of the top 20 U.S. lobbying firms is approximately 31.92 million USD, highlighting the lucrative nature of the lobbying industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the top earning lobbying firm in the U.S.?

The top earning lobbying firm in the U.S. is Brownstein Hyatt et al, with a total income of 62.47 million USD.

What is the income disparity between the top and bottom earners among lobbying firms?

The income disparity between the top earner, Brownstein Hyatt et al, and the firm at the bottom, Monument Advocacy, is 46.66 million USD.

What is the range of incomes among the leading lobbying firms in the U.S.?

The incomes of leading lobbying firms in the U.S. range from 15.81 million USD to 62.47 million USD.

Terms and Definitions

A method employed by individuals, corporations, associations and other organizations to influence political decisions. Lobbying involves communication with public officials, either directly or indirectly, with the intention of affecting the formulation or implementation of laws, regulations, and other governmental policies.

These are firms or organizations that provide lobbying services on behalf of their clients. Lobbying firms strive to influence the decisions of policymakers in favor of their clients' interests. Clients may include corporations, nonprofit organizations, associations, or other entities seeking to affect public policy.

In this context, income refers to the financial earnings a lobbying firm receives for its services. This income is often generated through lobbying fees paid by clients, which can vary depending on the size of the firm, the scope of the lobbying activities, and the desired results of the lobbying efforts.

A course of action or set of rules adopted or proposed by a government, party, or business. The goal of a policy is to achieve certain outcomes that are regarded as desirable. Lobbying firms work on behalf of their clients to influence these policies in a way that benefits their clients' interests.

These are rules or directives enforced by an authority to regulate conduct or procedures within specific parameters. Government regulations can impact various aspects of society and business. Lobbying firms may aim to affect these regulations in a way that is advantageous for their clients.

The companies, individuals, or organizations that hire lobbying firms to represent their interests in governmental policy-making processes. Clients pay lobbying firms for their expertise and connections within the political and governmental landscape.
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