Ukraine War: Number of Committed Armored Vehicles, by type and country
Armored vehicle (country)Number of units
Armored Humvees (U.S.)1,999
Armored AUV (U.S.)300
M113 APC (U.S.)300
MaxxPro MRAP (U.S.)276
Bradley IFV (U.S.)252
Zetro truck AUV (Germany)250
Stryker APC (U.S.)246
M978 heavy fuel tanker (U.S.)219
Roshel Senator 4x4 APC (Canada)208
BVP-1 IFV (Czechia)201
Armored Medical Treatment Vehicle (U.S)200
BMC Kirpi AUV (Türkiye)200
YPR-765 IFV (Netherlands)196
Bushmaster AUV (Australia)120
MARDER IFV (Germany)100
Unspecified APC (Bulgaria)100
AUV truck tractor train (Germany)90
CV90 IFV (Denmark)90
Lince armoured car (Belgium)80
Mastiff (6×6) PPV (UK)80
Truck Tractor Train AUV (Germany)75
M113 APC (Lithuania)72
BATT UMG APC (Germany)66
Tactical vehicles to recover equipment ARV (U.S)65
BMP-1 IFV (Greece)60
VAB APC (France)60
Joint Light Tacticle Vehicle APC (U.S.)59
M113 APC (Australia)56
CV90 IFV (Sweden)50
M113 APC (Denmark)50
MRAP vehicle DINGO AUV (Germany)50
Unspecified APC (Canada)50
M113 APC (Portugal)46
BMP-1 IFV (Poland)42
Mine clearing tank (Germany)42
Armored Recovery Vehicle (U.S.)40
Protected AUVs (Germany)40
Unspecified AUV (Germany)40
Armored Combat Support Vehicle (Canada)39
FV103 Spartan APC (UK)35
M80A IFV (Slovenia)35
Ammunition support vehicle AUV (U.S.)30
BMP-1 IFV Slovakia)30
Armored Humvees (Luxembourg)28
M113 APC (Netherlands)26
TREVA-30 recovery vehicle (Czechia)25
M113 APC (Italy)24
Mobile and protected mine clearing system ARV (Germany)24
Bergepanzer 2 ARV (Germany)21
VAMTAC 4x4 AUV (Spain)21
M113 APC (Spain)20
Armored Ambulance (Luxembourg)14
Iveco LAV 3 AUV (Norway)14
M113 APC (Belgium)13
HMMWV ARV (Germany)10
Unspecified Command Post Carrier APC (U.S.)10
Jeep Wrangler 4x4 AUV (Luxembourg)7
Mamba 4x4 PPV (Estonia)7
Leopard-2R ARV (Finland)6
FV104 Samaritan armoured ambulance (UK)5
Pionierpanzer Dachs AUV (Germany)5
Armored Combat Support Vehicle (U.S.)4
Iveco M 40.12 WM/P 4x4 AUV (Portugal)4
Unspecified APC (Germany)4
Armored Medical Treatment Vehicle (Spain)2
Bergepanzer 3 ARV (Germany)2
M577 command post carrier (Portugal)2
BPz-3 Büffel ARV (Canada)1
  • Region: Worldwide
  • Time period: Jan 2022 to Jan 2024
  • Published: Feb 2024

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Apr 15, 2024 | Published by: Statistico | About Us / Data / Analysis

U.S. leads in armored vehicle contributions

The United States has committed the highest number of armored vehicles to Ukraine, with a total of 5,491 units across various types. This includes 1,999 Armored Humvees, 300 M113 APCs, and 276 MaxxPro MRAPs, showcasing the U.S.'s significant support in terms of military aid.

Variety and specialization of armored vehicles

Countries have provided a wide range of armored vehicles, indicating specialization in military aid. From Armored Humvees and Bradley IFVs to Roshel Senator 4x4 APCs and BMP-1 IFVs, the diversity in vehicle types such as APCs, IFVs, and MRAPs underscores the comprehensive nature of the support Ukraine has received.

Germany and Canada's notable contributions

Germany and Canada emerge as significant contributors after the U.S., with Germany providing 250 Zetro truck AUVs and 100 MARDER IFVs, and Canada donating 208 Roshel Senator 4x4 APCs. Their contributions highlight the international coalition supporting Ukraine.

Armored personnel carriers as the primary vehicle type

Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) are the most frequently donated vehicle type, with countries like the U.S., Germany, and Lithuania contributing significant numbers. The U.S. alone has donated over 800 APCs, including various models like the M113 and Stryker.

Infantry fighting vehicles reinforce Ukraine's capabilities

Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs) significantly enhance Ukraine's military capabilities, with contributions such as 252 Bradley IFVs from the U.S. and 201 BVP-1 IFVs from Czechia. These vehicles, designed for direct combat, support both transportation and engagement in frontline operations.

Support and logistics vehicles included in aid

Support and logistics vehicles form an essential part of the contributions, with 219 M978 heavy fuel tankers and 65 tactical vehicles for equipment recovery from the U.S., indicating the importance of logistical support alongside combat capabilities in military aid.

Unique contributions from smaller countries

Smaller countries have made unique contributions, such as Luxembourg's donation of 28 Armored Humvees and Estonia's provision of 7 Mamba 4x4 PPVs. These contributions, though smaller in scale, highlight the widespread international support for Ukraine.

Recovery and medical vehicles included

The inclusion of Armored Medical Treatment Vehicles and Armored Recovery Vehicles, with the U.S. contributing 200 and 40 units respectively, underlines the importance of not just combat but also support and recovery operations in the conflict zone.

Total contribution from European countries

European countries, excluding the U.S., have contributed a total of 2,098 armored vehicles of various types. This significant number reflects Europe's collective effort to support Ukraine amidst ongoing conflicts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which country has committed the highest number of armored vehicles to Ukraine?

The United States has committed the highest number of armored vehicles to Ukraine, with a total of 5,491 units.

What types of armored vehicles have countries provided?

Countries have provided a range of armored vehicles such as Armored Humvees, Bradley IFVs, Roshel Senator 4x4 APCs and BMP-1 IFVs.

Who are the significant contributors after the U.S.?

Germany and Canada are significant contributors after the U.S., providing vehicles such as Zetro truck AUVs, MARDER IFVs, and Roshel Senator 4x4 APCs.

What is the most frequently donated vehicle type?

Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) are the most frequently donated vehicle type, with countries like the U.S., Germany, and Lithuania contributing significant numbers.

Terms and Definitions

The Ukraine War refers to a complex and ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, alongside other regional and international actors. The conflict began due to political, ethnic, and cultural disagreements and has resulted in military confrontations and hostilities.

Armored vehicles are essentially armored fighting vehicle, protected by strong, bullet-resistant metal plates or composite armor. These vehicles are used by various branches of the military as well as paramilitary and police forces. There are numerous different types of armored vehicles, including main battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, and more lightweight armored cars.

A Main Battle Tank (MBT) is the type of large, heavily armored, and heavily armed combat vehicle that forms the backbone of a modern ground-fighting force. MBTs are designed to engage enemy forces using direct fire, and are highly mobile, versatile, and tough.

Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) is a type of armored vehicle designed to carry infantry into battle and provide direct fire support. They are usually armed with a machine gun, automatic cannon, or missile launcher, and are designed to be air-transportable and amphibious.

Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) are armored fighting vehicles designed to transport infantry to the battlefield. They are less heavily armed than an IFV, and are designed more for increased mobility and protection for the troops they are carrying rather than for direct combat.

A lightweight armored car is a military vehicle, protected by armor and typically equipped with weapons, but much smaller, more mobile, and more lightly armored than heavier vehicles like tanks or IFVs. These vehicles are often used for light infantry mobility, internal security, counter-insurgency, and reconnaissance.

Paramilitary refers to organized groups that are similar to a professional military, but are not recognized as such. These forces may have similar training and equipment to a formal military, and in many cases operate alongside or in support of the military.
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