U.S.: Number of Monthly Active Smartphone Apps Users, by app category
App categoryNumber of users,
in millions
Social network187.2
Mobile messaging162.2
Mobile banking150.9
Travel booking118.2
Ride sharing77.6
Food delivery51.0
  • Region: United States
  • Time period: Jul 2023
  • Published: Sep 2023

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Mar 28, 2024 | Published by: Statistico

Top App Categories by MAUs

Video apps lead with 201.9 million MAUs, closely followed by Map/Navigation and Social network categories with 190.0 and 187.2 million users respectively, indicating a high demand for entertainment, location-based services, and social interaction among U.S. smartphone users.

Weather and Audio Apps' Popularity

Weather apps boast 186.1 million MAUs, slightly edging out Audio apps, which have 180.0 million. These numbers reflect the essential role of weather forecasting and audio content (music, podcasts, audiobooks) in daily life.

Gaming and Mobile Messaging User Base

The Gaming category captures 163.7 million users, with Mobile messaging apps closely behind at 162.2 million MAUs, showcasing the popularity of interactive entertainment and communication platforms.

Shopping/Retail and Mobile Banking Engagement

Shopping/retail apps have 160.6 million MAUs, while Mobile banking apps secure 150.9 million, highlighting the shift towards digital transactions and online shopping.

News, Travel Booking, and Health/Fitness Apps

News apps attract 120.9 million users, Travel booking apps serve 118.2 million, and Health/Fitness apps engage 86.5 million, indicating varied interests in current events, travel planning, and personal wellness.

Ride Sharing and Sports Apps' Market Position

With 77.6 million MAUs, Ride sharing apps outperform Sports apps, which have 57.3 million users, demonstrating a higher reliance on transportation services over sports content consumption.

Food Delivery and Grocery Shopping Preferences

Food delivery services enjoy 51.0 million MAUs compared to Grocery shopping apps, which have a user base of 44.3 million, revealing a preference for prepared food delivery over traditional grocery shopping.

Dating App Usage

With 29.7 million MAUs, Dating apps have the smallest user base among the categories listed, reflecting a more niche market within the U.S. smartphone app ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which app category has the most Monthly Active Users (MAUs)?

The Video app category has the highest number of MAUs at 201.9 million.

How do the user bases of Weather and Audio apps compare?

Weather apps have 186.1 million MAUs, slightly more than Audio apps with 180.0 million.

Which app categories have smaller user bases, Ride sharing or Sports?

The Ride sharing apps have more MAUs with 77.6 million compared to Sports apps, which have 57.3 million.

What is the number of Monthly Active Users for Dating apps?

The Dating apps have the smallest user base with 29.7 million MAUs.

Terms and Definitions

A smartphone is a mobile device that combines cellular and mobile computing functions into one unit. They are distinguished from feature phones by their stronger hardware capabilities and extensive mobile operating systems, which facilitate wider software, internet, and multimedia functionality, including music, video, cameras, and gaming, alongside core functions such as voice calls and text messaging.

An app category refers to a classification system on app marketplaces like Apple’s App Store or Google Play, used to group similar types of apps together. Common categories include games, health & fitness, education, business, lifestyle, entertainment, and many others.

Monthly active users (MAUs) is a performance metric for the success of an internet product such as a mobile app, website, or online game. It refers to the number of unique users who interact with the product at least once within the last month. The higher the number of MAUs, the more engaged users are with the product.

An app user is an individual who has downloaded and uses an application. Typically, an app user must create an account to access all features and settings within the app. App users can engage with apps via different devices, but in this context, the user primarily interacts with the app on a smartphone.

An App marketplace, also known as an app store, is a type of digital distribution platform for computer software, often in the form of applications. The two most popular are Apple's App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices. This platform allows users to browse and download apps that developers have created and to which they've decided to make publicly available.

App engagement refers to the process of building relationships with customers through a mobile app. Measurements of app engagement can include the frequency, duration, and intensity of interaction between the user and the app. It helps determine how much value users get from an app and how often they're likely to return to it.

Unique users refers to individuals who have engaged with a digital platform such as an app or website at least once during a specified time period. Each user is only counted once, regardless of how many times they visit or engage with the platform. This metric provides an accurate representation of the platform's user base.
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