U.S.: Leading Mobile Apps, by unique visitors
Mobile appTotal unique visitors,
in millions
Google Search132.58
Google Maps124.52
Amazon Mobile121.36
Facebook Messenger84.11
Google Play83.91
Google Photos73.89
Apple Maps68.36
Cash App67.49
Weather - Native Apple (previously Dark Sky Weather)61.81
Apple News54.72
Google Drive54.56
Temu: Team Up, Price Down51.07
Yahoo Stocks50.14
Apple Notes48.87
  • Region: United States
  • Time period: Jan 2024
  • Published: Jan 2024

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Mar 28, 2024 | Published by: Statistico | About Us | Data sources

YouTube leads with the highest unique visitors

YouTube dominates the mobile app landscape in the United States with 162.102 million unique visitors, outpacing its nearest competitor, Facebook, by a margin of 18.438 million visitors. This significant lead underscores YouTube's paramount position in video streaming and content consumption.

Google's strong presence in top mobile apps

Google's suite of apps shows a robust presence in the top rankings, with Gmail, Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Play all featuring among the top ten. Specifically, Gmail has 139.590 million unique visitors, making it the third most used app, while Google Search and Google Maps have 132.584 million and 124.516 million unique visitors, respectively, illustrating Google's diversified strength across multiple utility categories.

Social media platforms remain highly popular

Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok maintain strong positions as leading social media platforms with 143.664 million, 85.590 million, and 85.468 million unique visitors, respectively. Their significant user bases highlight the continued importance of social networking in the digital age.

E-commerce and payment apps show strong user engagement

Amazon Mobile leads the e-commerce app sector with 121.363 million unique visitors, followed by Walmart at 68.619 million. In the financial sector, PayPal and Cash App have 72.361 million and 67.494 million unique visitors, respectively, indicating a high level of user engagement in online shopping and financial transactions.

Music and entertainment apps maintain popularity

Spotify, a leading music streaming app, has 79.759 million unique visitors, demonstrating the continued demand for music and entertainment content. Its user base suggests a strong position in the streaming industry, comparable to visual content platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

Emerging app categories and newcomers

Temu: Team Up, Price Down, an emerging shopping app, has already garnered 51.074 million unique visitors, showcasing the rapid growth potential for new entrants in the mobile app market. Its presence highlights shifting consumer interests and the dynamic nature of app popularity.

Utility and service apps form essential digital tools

Apps like Google Photos and Google Drive, with 73.892 million and 54.564 million unique visitors respectively, underscore the importance of cloud services and digital storage solutions. These utilities have become indispensable tools for personal and professional data management.

Navigational and informational apps are indispensable

Google Maps and Apple Maps, with 124.516 million and 68.356 million unique visitors respectively, reflect the critical role of navigation apps in daily life. Similarly, Yahoo Stocks with 50.139 million unique visitors, indicates a strong interest in financial information and stock market tracking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which app holds the number one position in the United States for unique visitors?

YouTube leads with a total of 162.102 million unique visitors in the United States.

How are Google apps performing in terms of app usage?

Google apps such as Gmail, Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Play all feature in the top ten, with Gmail having 139.590 million unique visitors.

What are the user account numbers for social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok?

Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have 143.664 million, 85.590 million, and 85.468 million unique visitors respectively.

Terms and Definitions

Mobile apps, short for mobile applications, are software applications designed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet computers. These applications have various functions, ranging from gaming and entertainment to business tools and educational resources.

Unique visitors are individuals who have visited a website or an application at least once within a specified period. This metric is used to measure the size and reach of a digital audience. Repeated visits from the same user are not taken into account when measuring unique visitors.

User engagement is a metric that measures the level of user interaction with a digital product, like a website or app. The interaction can be defined by several activities such as the amount of time spent on the app, the frequency of visits, the number of pages viewed, the actions taken, etc.

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a process that involves optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in app store’s search results. The aim of ASO is to drive more traffic to an app's page in the app store, thereby increasing the likelihood of getting more downloads.

A download in the context of mobile apps refers to the process of copying an app's data from a source, typically an app store, to a mobile device. In discussions of leading mobile apps, the term often indicates the number of times an app has been downloaded and installed on devices.

In-app purchases are purchases made from within a mobile application. These can include subscriptions, premium features, digital goods, and more. It's a common way for app developers to monetize their apps, and so an app with a high volume of in-app purchases may be considered a leading app.

App categories are groups of mobile apps that SERVE similar functions or are intended for similar audiences. Common app categories include, but are not limited to, games, education, health and fitness, lifestyle, entertainment, utilities, and social networking.

App ranking is the position of a mobile application in an app store as compared to other apps. These rankings are typically based on various factors, such as number of downloads, user reviews, and rate of user engagement. A high-ranking app typically has a larger number of unique visitors.
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