FedEx: Revenue, by year
in billion USD
  • Region: Worldwide
  • Time period: FY 2009 to FY 2023
  • Published: Jul 2023

Data Analysis and Insights

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Revenue Trend from 2009 to 2023

FedEx's revenue saw an overall upward trajectory over the 15-year span, growing from 35.50 billion USD in 2009 to 90.16 billion USD in 2023. The largest year-over-year increase occurred between 2020 and 2021, with revenue jumping by 14.74 billion USD.

Recent Revenue Fluctuations

After reaching its peak in 2022 at 93.51 billion USD, FedEx's revenue experienced a decline to 90.16 billion USD in 2023, marking a decrease of 3.59% from its highest recorded revenue.

Revenue Milestones

FedEx crossed significant revenue milestones, hitting over 50 billion USD in 2016 and surpassing 90 billion USD in 2023, showcasing substantial growth over the last eight years.

Comparison of Growth Rates

The growth rate from 2019 to 2020 was notable, as revenue increased by -0.67%, contrasting sharply with the surge from 2020 to 2021, where the growth rate was 21.31%, indicating a significant rebound.

Decade of Expansion

Between 2010 and 2020, FedEx's revenue grew from 34.73 billion USD to 69.22 billion USD, doubling its revenue over a decade and reflecting a robust expansion phase.

Impact of Economic Trends

The fluctuations in FedEx's annual revenue reflect broader economic trends, with periods of rapid growth suggesting strong global commerce activities, particularly noticeable in the surge post-2020, likely influenced by increased demand for logistics amid global changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was FedEx's revenue growth in recent years?

FedEx's revenue increased from 35.50 billion USD in 2009 to 90.16 billion USD in 2023.

What was FedEx's revenue peak and subsequent decrease?

FedEx's revenue peaked at 93.51 billion USD in 2022, before decreasing to 90.16 billion USD in 2023, marking a 3.59% decrease.

Terms and Definitions

FedEx, short for Federal Express, is a multinational delivery services company. The corporation is known for its air and ground shipping services, which are primarily used for packages and freight. It also offers business and logistics services globally.

Revenue, also known as sales, is the total amount of money a company earns from the sale of its goods or services before expenses are subtracted. For a company like FedEx, this would largely involve income from shipping and logistic services.

A financial report, or financial statement, is a formal record of the financial transactions and position of a company. It usually includes the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. These documents together represent the company's financial health and performance over a specified period of time.

Logistics services involve the management of the flow of goods from the point of origin to the point of consumption. This can include transportation, warehousing, packaging, security, and other related services. FedEx, being a logistics company, offers a range of these services.

Retail shipping refers to the process of transporting an item from a business to an individual customer. This is a common service provided by companies like FedEx, especially in the context of e-commerce where goods are sold directly to consumers online.
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