Formula 1: Leading Teams, by value
Formula 1 teamTeam value,
in million USD
Red Bull Racing2,600
Aston Martin1,375
Alfa Romeo900
  • Region: Worldwide
  • Time period: 2023
  • Published: Jul 2023

Data Analysis and Insights

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Ferrari leads in team value

Ferrari holds the top position among Formula 1 teams with a staggering value of 3,900 million USD, showcasing its unparalleled brand value and success in the sport. In comparison, Mercedes closely follows with a team value of 3,800 million USD, indicating a narrow margin of just 100 million USD that separates the industry giants.

Top three teams dominate the value chart

Ferrari, Mercedes, and Red Bull Racing collectively amass a total value of 10,300 million USD, which accounts for over half of the total value of all ten teams listed. This illustrates a significant concentration of wealth and prestige within these leading teams.

Disparity in team values

The value gap between the highest-valued team, Ferrari, and the lowest-valued team, Williams, is 3,175 million USD. This substantial difference highlights the vast economic disparities that exist within Formula 1, reflecting both historical performance and current competitive standings.

Mid-field teams exhibit competitive balance

Teams positioned in the mid-field, specifically Alpine, Aston Martin, AlphaTauri, and Alfa Romeo, display a closer competitive balance in terms of value, with a range from 900 million USD to 1,400 million USD. This suggests a relatively tight competition among these teams, separated by smaller financial differences compared to the top and bottom of the value spectrum.

Exclusive club of billion-dollar teams

Only the top seven teams have crossed the billion-dollar mark in value, with AlphaTauri at the bottom of this elite group with a valuation of 1,125 million USD. This benchmark sets them apart from the rest, emphasizing the financial muscle and global recognition required to compete at the highest levels of Formula 1 racing.

Growth potential for lower-valued teams

Williams, as the lowest-valued team at 725 million USD, alongside Haas and Alfa Romeo, represent teams with significant growth potential. Their current valuations, while modest in comparison to the leading teams, underscore opportunities for advancement and improvement in both competitive performance and financial valuation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Formula 1 team holds the highest value?

Ferrari holds the highest value among Formula 1 teams at 3,900 million USD.

What is the total value of the top three teams in Formula 1?

The top three teams, Ferrari, Mercedes, and Red Bull Racing, have a collective value of 10,300 million USD.

What is the value gap between the highest and lowest valued Formula 1 teams?

The gap between the highest-valued team, Ferrari, and the lowest-valued team, Williams, is 3,175 million USD.

How many Formula 1 teams have crossed the billion-dollar mark in value?

Only the top seven teams have crossed the billion-dollar mark in value.

Terms and Definitions

Also referred to as F1, Formula 1 is the highest class of international auto racing sanctioned by the International Automobile Federation (FIA). The "formula" in the name refers to the set of rules that all participants and cars must follow.

The FIA is an international organization that regulates and officiates various automotive and motorsport events around the world, including Formula 1. The FIA oversees the rules and regulations of these events, ensuring that they are standardized and adhered to.

A Grand Prix is a type of motor racing event. In the context of Formula 1, each race in the F1 season is known as a Grand Prix. The term is French and translates to "Grand Prize," signifying the prestige of these events.

In motorsport, the pole position is the position at the very front of the grid, awarded to the fastest qualifying driver. The driver in the pole position has an advantage as they have a clear track ahead.

In Formula 1, a constructor is a company or team that designs and builds the cars that compete in races. Each constructor's team will typically comprise two drivers. Some of the most well-known constructors include Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull.

This is an annual award given by the FIA to the most successful constructor over a Formula 1 season, based on points system. Points are awarded based on the finishing position of a constructor's drivers in each Grand Prix.

In Formula 1, the driving championship is awarded to the driver who has accumulated the most points over a season. Points are earned based on finishing position in each race.

A podium finish refers to a finish in any of the top three positions in a racing event. It is so called because these positions are traditionally represented on a podium - first place standing in the middle on the highest step, second place on a lower step to one side, and third place on a lower step on the other side.

A pit stop in Formula 1 is where a racing car stops in the pits for new tires, repairs, mechanical adjustments, a driver change or refuelling. This is a crucial part of race strategy and often influences the race's outcome.
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