Geographic Properties

Total Area: 3.705 million mi² (World Rank: 4th)
Land Area: 3.601 million mi² (World Rank: 2nd)
Continent: Asia
Bordering Countries/Regions: Afghanistan, Bhutan, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, Vietnam


Population: 1.43 billion people (2023 estimate, World Rank: 2nd)
Population Density: 385 people/mi² (2021 estimate, World Rank: 87th)
Population Growth: 0.004 %/yr (2021 estimate, World Rank: 188th)
Life Expectancy: 77.1 years (2020 estimate, World Rank: 90th)
Median Age: 37.9 years (2021 estimate, World Rank: 70th)

Cultural Properties

Languages: Chinese (91%), Mandarin Chinese (64%), Wu Chinese (5.8%), Yue Chinese (5.1%), Jinyu Chinese (3.3%)
Ethnic Mix: Han Chinese (91.5%), Other (8.5%)
Religions: Chinese Universism (29%), Buddhism (8.5%), Christianity (8.5%), Ethnic religions (4.4%), Islam (1.5%)
Literacy Rate: 97.15% (2020 estimate)

Capital and Major Cities

Capital City: Beijing
Largest Cities:
- Shanghai: 24.87 million people
- Beijing: 21.89 million people
- Tianjin: 15.47 million people
- Chengdu, Sichuan: 16.05 million people
- Guangzhou, Guangdong: 13.5 million people

Economic Properties

GDP: $17.73 trillion/yr (2021 estimate, World Rank: 2nd)
GDP at Parity: $27.31 trillion/yr (2021 estimate, World Rank: 1st)
Real GDP: $15.8 trillion/yr (2021 estimate, World Rank: 2nd)
GDP per Capita: $12556/yr/person (2021 estimate, World Rank: 88th)
GDP Real Growth: 8.11%/yr (2021 estimate, World Rank: 38th)
Gini Index: 0.382 (2019 estimate, World Rank: 90th)
Consumer Price Inflation: 0.98%/yr (2021 estimate, World Rank: 171st)


Unemployment Rate: 4.82% (2021 estimate, World Rank: 144th highest)
Labor Force: 791.4 million people (58.24% of population, 2021 estimate, World Rank: 1st)

Business Information

Total Business Tax Rate: 59.2% of profit (2019 estimate, World Rank: 22nd)
New Businesses Registered: 232064/yr (2020 estimate, World Rank: 6th)

Media and Telecommunications

Internet Usage: 1.032 billion people (73.05% of population, 2021 estimate, World Rank: 1st)
Mobile Cellular Subscriptions: 1.733 billion (2021 estimate, World Rank: 1st)


Vehicles in Use: 118.3 million vehicles
Total Road Length: 2.15 million miles (2006 estimate)


Public Education Spending: 3.57% of GDP (2020 estimate, World Rank: 141st)
Students: 228.5 million people (16.99% of population, 2011 estimate, World Rank: 2nd)
Teachers: 13.52 million people (2021 estimate, World Rank: 1st)

Health Care

Physicians per Capita: 1.98/1000 people (2017 estimate)
Hospital Beds: 2.2/1000 people (2006 estimate)

UN Human Development Index

Health: 0.861 (World Rank: 58th)
Education: 0.631 (World Rank: 108th)
Living Standards: 0.739 (World Rank: 82nd)
Total: 0.738 (World Rank: 90th, 2015 estimate)
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