Tennessee Titans: Career Touchdown Leaders, by number of touchdowns
PlayerNo of touchdowns scored
Derrick Henry93
Eddie George74
Earl Campbell73
Chris Johnson58
Charley Hennigan51
Ken Burrough48
Ernest Givins48
Haywood Jeffires47
Drew Hill47
Derrick Mason40
Steve McNair36
Lorenzo White36
Billy Cannon35
Bill Groman33
Delanie Walker29
Nate Washington29
Frank Wycheck28
Mike Rozier28
A.J. Brown26
Allen Pinkett26
  • Region: United States
  • Time period: 1960 to 2024
  • Published: Mar 2024

Data Analysis and Insights

Updated: Mar 29, 2024 | Published by: Statistico

Derrick Henry leads with 93 touchdowns

Derrick Henry stands at the pinnacle among Tennessee Titans players, amassing a remarkable 93 touchdowns. His achievement not only underscores his prowess on the field but also sets a significant margin above the second-placed Eddie George, who has 74 touchdowns.

Eddie George and Earl Campbell's enduring legacy

Eddie George and Earl Campbell hold the second and third spots with 74 and 73 touchdowns, respectively. Their contributions continue to resonate, highlighting the rich history and the calibre of athletes who have donned the Titans' jersey.

Top five touchdown scorers account for 349 touchdowns

The collective achievements of Derrick Henry, Eddie George, Earl Campbell, Chris Johnson, and Charley Hennigan amount to 349 touchdowns. This impressive tally represents a significant portion of the total touchdowns scored by the players listed, showcasing the impact of top performers on the team's success.

Diverse scoring capabilities among the top scorers

The range of touchdowns among the top 15 players, from Derrick Henry's 93 to Delanie Walker's 29, indicates diverse scoring capabilities and contributions across different eras of the team. This variety underscores the multifaceted talent that has been part of the Titans' roster over the years.

A tight race among mid-tier scorers

Players ranked from sixth to tenth - Ken Burrough, Ernest Givins, Haywood Jeffires, Drew Hill, and Derrick Mason - exhibit closely contested touchdown scores ranging from 48 to 40. This closeness reflects the competitive nature and balanced scoring contributions among the team's supporting cast.

Steve McNair and Lorenzo White share the 11th position

Steve McNair and Lorenzo White, each with 36 touchdowns, share the eleventh position, illustrating the diversity in scoring roles, from quarterback to running back, within the Titans' scoring leaders.

Notable figures below the 30-touchdown mark

Noteworthy contributors such as Delanie Walker, Nate Washington, Frank Wycheck, and Mike Rozier, with touchdown counts in the late 20s, showcase the depth of talent and the varying roles that have fueled the team's offense throughout its history.

Emerging talents and veteran presence

The presence of recent stars like A.J. Brown alongside veteran players highlights the blend of emerging talent and experienced leadership within the Titans' ranks, underscoring the team's continuous evolution and the changing faces of its touchdown leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has scored the most touchdowns for the Tennessee Titans?

Derrick Henry has scored the most touchdowns for the Tennessee Titans, with an impressive 93 touchdowns.

Who holds the second and third spots for the most touchdowns scored for the Tennessee Titans?

Eddie George and Earl Campbell hold the second and third spots with 74 and 73 touchdowns respectively.

How many touchdowns have been scored by the top five touchdown scorers for the Tennessee Titans?

The top five touchdown scorers for the Tennessee Titans have collectively scored a total of 349 touchdowns.

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This is a professional American football team that competes in the National Football League (NFL). The team is comprised of skilled players who have been selected based on their talent and abilities. The Titans team plays matches against other teams in the league, aiming to score goals and prevent their opponents from doing the same.

In American football, a touchdown is the primary method of scoring. It is achieved when a player carries the ball across the opposing team's goal line or catches the ball while in the opponent's end zone. A touchdown earns the scoring team six points.

The National Football League (NFL) is a professional American football league consisting of 32 teams. It is one of the major sports leagues in the United States and the highest level of professional American football in the world. Teams within the NFL compete against each other in a variety of matches and tournaments.

This is a term used in American football to denote the area between the goal line and the boundary at each end of the field. The objective of the game is to get the football into the opponent's end zone for a touchdown.

In American football, the goal line refers to the boundary line separating the end zone from the field of play. Crossing the goal line with possession of the football results in a touchdown.

Professional American football refers to a high level of competitive football in the United States, distinguished by stringent rules, professional management, scheduled matches, and players who are paid for their participation. The NFL is the premier organization for professional American football.
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